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Bespoke Training




Why go for bespoke training?

If you want training as unique as you are then contact me regarding my one to one and bespoke training options. Maybe you’re just not 100 % confident yet, maybe theres a certain skill or technique you just don’t seem to be able to master –  Bring me your problems and we will make them go away!

An obvious bonus of working on a one to one basis is the undivided attention you will get. A one to one class is just that, me and you. You can use this time to pick my brains about anything that you might be struggling with, anything you haven’t dared ask before , or anything brand new that you want to learn. You can also choose to have the same classes you see offered here on a one to one basis, rather than in a group setting.

We can go at your pace,  whatever that may be. Maybe you want to spend a whole day on the ins and outs of a certain style, maybe you want to bring along a picture and learn from scratch how to deconstruct and replicate images that your clients are bringing to you but you just can’t seem to master. Whatever your reasons, I am more than happy to create course designed just for you, just get in touch!



What can I learn?

Whatever it is you need. You might want a practical session to help you create the perfect barrel curl, you might want some one to one advice and attention about how to take the next step in your business. You might want help with your marketing and branding your business, we can even arrange a photography session with me on hand for personal guidance so you can be sure to get some beautiful images for your portfolio if that’s what you need! Get in touch and let me know exactly what you’re after and we can make it work for you.


How to book

Firstly, get in touch and let me know what you need so I can figure out how best to help you.  Once we’ve agreed a suitable date then you can secure your booking by making a deposit payment. Full payment is due 7 days before the session takes place. Any questions just ask and i’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.