Cooling castle is perhaps one of the most well known wedding venues in Kent. It really is a ” one size fits all” hub of everything wedding! To get a Saturday booking at cooling castle you’re looking at a three year wait, which was one of the reasons that my gorgeous bride Ashleigh opted for a Monday wedding in May. A beautiful blonde, Ashleigh went for a natural and relaxed hair and make up style. Her hair curled beautifully and her variety of blonde tones were complimented beautifully with her diamant√© hair slide that we positioned at the back of her head. Ashleigh’s already stunning features leant themselves beautifully to the effortless style we created for her- finished perfectly with the addition of the most wonderful full lace dress. Classic bridal is perhaps one of the most sought after styles for a wedding day – yet also one of the most difficult to achieve for even the most talented hair And make up professional. Airbase airbrush make up is my go to foundation when brides request a radiant yet flawless look. It’s build able coverage means I am able to create the perfect canvas without leaving my bride with a thick foundation that feels heavy on the skin. Many in fact comment that ” it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing make up” . Long lasting and of course smudgeproof it’s been an all round hit since I added it to my business back at the beginning of 2014! Congratulations Ashleigh! X