Us girls put so much emphasis on the morning of our wedding- often staying in a hotel with our bridesmaids the night before, champagne breakfast, presents, hair and make up- you name it, we do it! And more often than not a photographer will pop in in order to capture a few special moments as the bride has her hair and make up done, her veil attached and her lipstick applied. Attention to detail is what some photographers do best but It’s not often that we get to see the other side… What the boys are up to! My husband Simon ,, was booked to provide ” groom prep” photographs at the wedding of Claire and wibb in May this year. This time the bride wanted to capture the bits of the wedding morning that she wasn’t there to see….. This beautiful photo film is the result, what a wonderful idea and what a fantastic memory for them all! Contact Simon if you’d like something like this for your big day!