Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions are relevant to protect you and your bridal party as well as me.  Please ensure that you are happy with all content before you proceed with your booking. It is the responsibility of the named person on the booking form (known as the Bridal party leader or Bride) to understand, agree and accept responsibility for all booking conditions, including all payments due by specified dates, when submitting the booking form.  By proceeding to make your booking, you accept that you are entering into a contract and you agree to be bound by these conditions.

Booking Availability and Reservation

I operate on a ‘first come first served’ basis and whilst I may have confirmed my availability, your booking will not be confirmed, or your date held until your deposit is received.  This deposit is a 25% fee of your total cost or £50 if 25% of your final booking amount is below a £50 value. This deposit is non-refundable and is deducted from the total booking amount.  Once this payment has been received in full, your date/allocated time will be reserved and you will receive confirmation of your booking. Your booking is not secure until confirmation has been received. If your deposit is not received, regardless of the date of your enquiry, your date may be offered to another bridal party without notice. No date is guaranteed without payment.

Please note that all deposits submitted and received are non-refundable

Trial Costs – Weekend or Evening Appointments

Trials are offered at your home or chosen address. Appointments for these must be made in advance and availability of a weekend appointment is not guaranteed. Trails can be undertaken at my home ( Me13 ) or travel to a venue or location of your choice can be arranged by prior agreement where possible, at a standard travel cost of 45p per mile.

Payment for a trial is taken a full 24 hours before the booking is due to take place.

In the event that a trial session is cancelled or missed then the wedding day deposit payment will be forfeit in order to cover costs. Please be aware that by missing your trial appointment without communication, it may be assumed that you no longer require my services and your wedding date will be released.

In the event of illness or unforeseen circumstances, I will rearrange your trial session for the next possible date. In the event that you are unwell and unable to make your appointment please let me know as soon as possible. Cancellation is at my discretion.

Travel Expenses (Trials and Wedding Day)

Travel expenses are included but limited to 10 miles (one way) from ME13 Postcode.   Additional mileage will be charged at the standard 45p per mile.

I am happy to travel to all UK destinations. Where time does not allow me to make the journey on the day in question, accommodation expenses will apply.

Travel expenses, if any, will be calculated and included on your invoice once your booking submission has been received.

I am happy to pay parking charges, where free parking is not available, to the total amount of £5.  You will be billed for parking charges that exceed this amount.


Following payment of your £50/25% deposit, you will be sent confirmation of your booking via email. Your booking form will include details of your final balance payable and details of trial costs. Trial costs must be paid for 24 hours before the day of the trial via bacs payment and your final balance payment is due 30 days before your wedding date.

Payment in full for Wedding Day services are required 30days before the event. Please be sure to put your initials and wedding date as reference. Any deposit amount paid will be deducted from the total wedding day price.

A bank transfer is a safe and easy way to make payment. Please make any transfers to:

Bank account: Katie Hawkins, HSBC Bank, acc no 91669885, s/c 401705. Please include your initials and wedding date as a reference.

If You Cancel/Change Your Booking

Changes: changes to your booking by adding another person to your original booking can only be accepted if time/resources allow on your wedding day.  You will be invoiced accordingly and the same payment instruction will apply.

Changes made to reduce the number in your bridal party or the services booked must be declared 30 days before the wedding day or the original balance will still be required. Should your booking decrease by over half the agreed and booked services and costs then fulfilling the booking will be at my discretion. Should a 50% cost decrease of your final booking amount occur then I will notify you within 24 hours of your change request, should I be unable to proceed. All deposit payments will be non-refundable. I only accept one booking per day it is imperative that I protect myself against loss of earnings.

If there are any changes to the original booking, the person responsible for booking must inform me either by phone call or email as soon as possible. I will try to accommodate changes to dates etc. However, this is subject to availability only.

Should I decide to bring an assistant with me on the day due to the size of your party/volume of work to be undertaken then I will do so at my personal discretion. The availability of an assistant is not guaranteed and comes with no extra or additional cost to yourself. The only time an assistant would incur extra costs would be upon the bride’s request of a second stylist, where I did not feel that it was necessary. The assistant will be a capable hair and/or make up professional of my choosing. I will not be liable for any issues that may arise directly with their equipment/tools/external factors and they must carry their own insurances for this purpose.

I will not accept any loss of earnings due to difficulties experienced by other outside services/Vendors that may hinder the services I provide on the day. We will make a prior agreement as to where and when I will arrive on the morning of the wedding day. Your booking total is inclusive of your entire booking taking place at one stated venue. Should you wish for me to travel between venues then extra costs will apply and will only be possible should it have been agreed at the time of booking.

Cancellations: in the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your booking or reduce booking numbers (after submitting your booking form and deposit) 6 months or more before your wedding date, you will not be billed for the remainder of the balance due but will lose your deposit.

All cancellations must be put in writing ASAP by the named person on the booking form. The day I receive your letter/email of notification of cancellation is the date on which your booking is cancelled.

If you do find yourself needing to cancel your booking then please be considerate and give me as much notice as possible, in order for me to offer my services to another party.

Cancellations/Changes Made By Myself

In the highly unlikely event that I cannot attend on the day of your wedding due to unforeseen events or circumstances, all payments will be immediately refunded (including deposit).  I will work with you to find an alternative reputable stylist/artist or salon to cater for your requirements however; any such booking will remain solely the responsibility of yourself.  If I am forced to cancel within 4 weeks of your wedding day I will accept to pay up to £20 for any additional costs involved in finding alternative hairdressing or Make up services to perform your requirements as stated on the original booking form. Please note that I will only accept invoice/receipts from legitimate qualified hairdressers and/or Artists working from an established and registered business in order to claim for these additional costs.

I reserve the right to cancel any bookings at my discretion at any point of the booking process should I feel that I have justification or need to do so. I also reserve the right to request payment in full for all services and the complete booking amount should your intention to adhere to the booking terms and conditions be called in question.


Trials are a great way for you to sample the look you will be wearing for your wedding day and will give you confidence in my ability to create a look which compliments your skin/hair type, bone structure, face shape etc. I want you to look and feel your very best after your trial and will work with you until I achieve this.  I welcome all ideas and suggestions from you during the trial and am grateful for as much input as you feel necessary. I am always happy to experiment with alternative looks if you are unsure. A single hair/make up trial is a booking of 90 minutes. A combined hair and make up trial is a booking of 2 ½ hours.

Trials generally take place at your home or venue of choice. I will sometimes offer my own home as an option but this is not guaranteed. Please advise as soon as possible if you require a weekend appointment.  These are limited as weddings take priority however, I will do my best to accommodate and sometimes afternoon weekend appointments are possible.

For both the trial and the wedding day I require a well lit area with a power point for styling tools etc. You are advised to prepare your hair for a trial by washing it the night before and leaving it free from accessories, hair styling products, and any hair extensions/hair pieces (unless they are to be styled for the wedding day). Please have any accessories such as your veil available. It is important that you inform me prior to your hair trial if you suffer from any known allergy to specific hair products/ingredients, have any skin or hair conditions or have increased scalp sensitivity when exposed to heat.  If I find upon arrival that I am unable to complete the trial due to any of the above contra indications you will still be charged the full amount.  Please be prepared to have your photograph taken.  This acts as a resource to help mimic the chosen style on your wedding day.

Make up trials can conducted at the same time as a hair trial and work on all the same principles. You will receive a consultation and skin analysis and all cosmetics and techniques applied will be recorded on your personal profile card so the same look can be repeated on your wedding day. I use a variety of professional products. I do not guarantee that I will use any specific products/ranges or treatments in particular to achieve your finished make up look. I will decide upon the best products to use for you and your skin specifically at the time of consultation and discuss this with you in detail.

You must provide clear and honest answers to the best of your knowledge in accordance with health and safety and be willing to sign any document to that fact e.g. known skin conditions, allergies or sensitivity of eyes and skin.

If you are unhappy with the results of your trial you are required to advise me within 7 days of the session taking place, ideally on the day itself.  I will only offer a retrial, at no cost, if I feel I have not delivered the best possible service or  have not catered for your requirements to the best of my ability given your hair/skin type.  Retrials are otherwise charged at the same rate as your original booking. You are welcome to book as many paid trials as you wish.

Please treat your trial booking as a serious commitment. If you do need to change, cancel or amend your booking I ask that you notify me within 24 hours as a minimum requirement. If I am not made aware within this time arrangements such as schedule/childcare etc will have been put in place and you will be liable for the payment of the trial session. Your deposit payment will be lost and your booking/date no longer reserved. Should you wish to still use Pretty Please for your wedding date you would need to rebook and provide another deposit payment before your wedding date will be honored. If I should need to change or reschedule your trial session I will do so at the earliest opportunity and provide you with alternative times and date options.

Health and Safety

I will ensure that all health and safety precautions are strictly adhered to. However, in any event of an accident caused by equipment breakdown or inattention which causes injury to any member of the wedding party on the booking form or damage to their property are advised to contact me immediately and if necessary, seek legal advice.

My Public Liability insurance and insurance is provided by Salon Gold.

Should I at any point during the trial or wedding day feel intimidated or threatened in any way, verbally, physically or other, I am within my right to void the booking and leave the premises immediately. Should this situation arise then all money paid to me will be non-refundable and I will not be liable to return any costs.

Any breakages or damages or loss to my kit or belongings through the fault of any members of the wedding party (children/animals etc) will be billed directly to the client. Please be aware that heated tools can be hazardous, especially to young children and they should be kept away from the workstation at all times.

Should you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of this policy please do not hesitate to contact me.

Again, please be aware that your wedding date is not secure nor confirmed without a deposit payment, regardless of the date of enquiry.

I look forward to working with you.