10 lies people will tell you when it comes to Wedding hair and Make Up

Over the years I’ve heard my fair share of crazy comments when it comes to wedding hair and make up so in an attempt to debunk some of the myths that you may well have heard too,  I’ve created a list of my top 10 below…. Have a read and let me know if there are any others I might have missed off!

Lie 1

‘’As a bride you have to have your hair up’’. 


Back in Roman times brides had a particular style that they believed , when worn to the wedding, would warn off any evil spirits. That’s perhaps why people will tell you its ‘trad’ for the bride to wear her hair up and off her face. … But if were sticking with tradition then women don’t work or vote either and men make all the rules. Point made. I rest my case!

Lie 2

‘’Your curls will fall out’’.


I particularly like this lie, because it’s so random! A professional hair dresser will know all the tips at tricks to ensure that your curls last – even after the last dance!

Lie 3

‘’You need to look different.’’


Your partner is marrying you because they love you. If you walk down the aisle unrecognisable it’s probably going to throw them just a little bit! Be you, if you hate your hair up – its ok to wear it down. And if you don’t like eyeliner and never wear it , then your wedding day probably isn’t the day to start!

Lie 4

‘’You need to wear loads of make up’’.

 Not the case.

 You’ve heard the expression ‘Less is more’, right? . A professional make up artist is able to select premium products that they will apply in order for them to last the duration of your day.  You want people to think ‘ she looks beautiful today’ not ‘wow look at how much foundation she’s wearing!’

Lie 5

‘’You don’t need to book it yet’’.


 If you find a supplier that you like and want to work with, no matter what aspect of your wedding they will be providing for then book them. Popular and trusted suppliers are often booked up years in advance. You don’t want to be left choosing from whoevers left by the time you’ve realised you’re too late to have who you really wanted.

Lie 6

‘’You ‘should’  look natural to look bridal’’.

Not the case.

 Although the ‘usual’ bridal look is elegant, timesless and classic that doesn’t mean you have to be. If you don’t leave the house without your lashes and your bright pink lipstick then don’t attempt to get married without them either! Stay true to you, whatever your usual look may be.

Lie 7

‘’You cant have the style you want’’

(Of course you can!) 

I hear this one a lot. Brides tell me ‘ I really wanted my hair up but I couldn’t have it as I didn’t have enough hair/it wasn’t long enough ( *insert excuse of your choice here !)  I always tell my brides to pick exactly what you want, as if you could have anything in the whole world. Don’t think about your hair length or colour – that’s my job. You show me the vision, and I’ll show you how we can work together to create your very own bespoke version of it. There’s no such word as can’t.

Lie 8

‘’You cant wear a red lip’’

 Says who?!

 There is something so glamorous about a red lip. It’s timeless and striking. Just because you’re in a white dress doesn’t mean that a red lip will mean staining or smudging! Be sure to use a liner, as I would advise all my brides regardless of the colour you opt for, and have your lipstick in your bag ready for top ups after eating.

Lie 9

‘’You have to style all your bridesmaids the same’’.


Unless your bridesmaids are all identical twins then that’s just not going to work. Bridesmaid 1 might hate her ears so wants them covered, whilst bridesmaid 2 likes all her hair away from her face. Your bridesmaids should compliment one another but there’s no rules to stay they should match. Your photos will look better if each person feels confident. If you feel good , you look good, so consider what they want , and especially what they really don’t want, as you’ll be grateful you did in the long run!


‘’You need to book several different people to cater for your needs.’’

No No No.

 Lets just look at this for a second,, let’s say you want bridal hair and make up on your wedding morning. You have a couple of options. If you are booking one person who only offers hair, then you will also need to book someone who does make up. If they don’t offer both, they cant do both. That’s pretty obvious. However, the other option is to book someone who offers both hair and make up services.  I specialise in doing just that. I’ve spent years learning and educating myself in order to provide the complete service. I love seeing my whole vision come together, creating work that I’m proud of.  Bridal is my ‘thing’, it’s what I do. People ( generally those who offer one service and not the other ! ) may tell you that it’s not possible for someone to be ‘good at both’, or  they might say something silly like ‘they will run out of time’ or  ‘your hair wont be as good as your make up’ etc etc…. I’ve heard a lot of crazy reasons and it’s simply just not true. If you have several members of your bridal party wanting to participate in the wedding morning prep then I have a team of reliable professionals, most of whom I have trained personally, who are happy to work alongside me in order to ensure that we are able to cater for all of your needs and the number of people necessary. It doesn’t mean only ‘x’ amount of you can get ready as time won’t allow, nor does it mean I’m going to want to arrive at silly o clock to start applying your make up over 8 hours before the ceremony! It simply means that as a professional, I know what timescales I can work to, what’s realistic, and I know that if I need a team to support me, that will always be included in your quote at no extra charge. It’s like they say – Team work makes the dream work!

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Katie x