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Maybe you already know exactly what kind of bride you want to be, or maybe you need a little guidance as to what would suit your features, flatter your face shape or compliment the neck line to your dream dress.

It’s important to remember that every bride is different, every wedding day is unique and every single wedding hair and make up look that I create is totally bespoke to the bride wearing it.  

Just because you’re a bride doesn’t mean that we have to change the way you look. Real beauty is about enhancing, not masking. It doesnt mean that you have to wear alot of make up – especially if you dont normally, and it doesnt mean you have to have a certain hair style just because it looks typically ‘bridal’.

Together we want to be able to create the very best version of you. So that you know as you step out down the aisle that you couldnt possibly look or feel any more beautiful than you do at that moment.


On your wedding morning…

my role on your day

Your wedding morning is an event in itself. Your last few hours getting ready for your big day should be an enjoyable experience.

One of the biggest compliments I get from my brides is that it simply feels like they have another friend with them ( one with an excessive make up kit! ).

Wherever it is you’re getting ready, I arrive with everything I need in order to transform you into a bride. I will recreate the looks we decided on at your preview session, taking time and care to ensure that everything is just how you want it to be.

On the morning of your wedding it’s my job to ensure that you and your bridal party are ready in plenty of time, that your hair is perfect and that your make up is flawless in preperation for those all important photographs. I’ll work with your other suppliers to ensure everything runs perfectly.

Together we will have pre planned timings, organised styles, and maybe even arranged a schedule so that everyone in your bridal party knows where and when they’re needed. I can be with you from early morning and I always stay right until you’re ready to leave for your ceremony.

It’s important to me to make sure everything is just right for you and that’s why I only work with one bride per day. That way I am able to provide you with my undivided attention and I’m on hand for anything you might need help with.

Once you’re dressed I’ll apply any final lipstick and make up touch ups, before helping to fit your veil or accessories. I’ll do the final checks for the bridesmaids hair and make up now and the rest of the bridal party too so everyone is confident that they look their absolute best.

On the wedding morning it’s important that you’re totally comfortable knowing that you can trust me to make you look like the very best version of yourself. It’s the best feeling when a bride sees herself in the mirror for the first time and says ‘I can’t believe it’s me, I just can’t believe that I can look like this!’

It’s not just about the wedding hair and make up look I can create, it’s about the confidence that that gives you. The feeling that you get from knowing you look exactly how you had imagined, and exactly how you had hoped on your wedding day.

You want to be certain that you’ll look as good at the very last dance as you do at the very first kiss. By choosing to use a professional wedding hair and make up artist you know that you’re in safe hands, you can rest assured that your hair will stay in place and that your make up won’t move ( and yes, I do always use a waterproof mascara! ) .



That all sounds good, so…

What now?

I’ve provided wedding hair and make up services to hundreds of brides over the past ten years and I really do believe that of all the things you have to worry about on your wedding day, how you look needn’t be one of them!   My kit is stocked with a variety of professional products and premium brands and I offer the option of Airbrush make up to all of my brides. I often cater for larger bridal parties too, and I can even bring along an assistant. However, I do only work with one wedding per day so it’s important that you secure your wedding date as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. In order to do this I ask for a booking fee which is then deducted from your final balance. 

If you think that you would like me to join you on your wedding morning then please don’t hesitate. You can head over to my contact page and fill in your details for a personalised quote. Make sure you include your date, location and the numbers in your bridal party and I’ll always do my best to get back to you within 48 hours.

If you have any other questions then please do just ask. You can get more information over on my FAQ page but if you need help with something that’s not listed then just get in touch. It’s important that you find someone who will enjoy your wedding morning as much as you will –  the way you look on your wedding day and the memories that go with it will last you a lifetime, I’d love to be a part of that.

I look forward to hearing from you, and in the mean time – happy planning!

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