4 Surprising Reasons to book a professional for your wedding hair and make up

Ok, so most brides know the basics when it comes  to what they’re looking for with their wedding hair and make up artist. Maybe you’re after someone who offer airbrush make up ( me! )  , or someone who can create a fabulous waterfall braid ( also me! ) . However,  there are a few important things that you might not have yet considered ….

1. Allergies and hygiene.

A professional will use a selection of professional and trusted products. They know how to care for them and clean them. They know how to ensure that something will last all day, that it wont aggravate your skin and they know the correct way to work with your personal skin type and texture. Always be sure to make your artist aware of any allergies you have before the application process begins. That way they will know what products to avoid and what products to suggest and substitute if needed.

2. It’s their reputation , and they are not going to take that lightly!

Most artists have spent thousands of pounds and taken years to perfect their art. They want their work to be exceptional. They want you to look amazing and they want people to know that they created that! You don’t want to look ‘ok’ on your wedding day, you want to look incredible. You want your look to last and your artist wants you to be so pleased that you go on and recommend them to your friends and family without hesitation.

3. They know how to deal with the situation.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Timings may change, things might happen outside of your control, but a professional will be able to take that in their stride and deal with it. You don’t want someone who is going to get flustered and anxious, you want someone who is confident and makes you feel comfortable. They know what they are doing, they have experience and even if you might find yourself in a situation you hadn’t anticipated , a true professional will be able to remain calm and deal with it.

4. They can work alongside other professionals.

Chances are that this isn’t the first wedding your hair and make up artist has had the honour of participating in. As time goes on you learn the expectations of other suppliers as well as your own. Maybe the photographer wants to get some prep shots of you getting your liner applied, or the wedding co ordinator wants to take you to see the room dressed before your guests start to arrive. Most of these things we can anticipate and even suggest to ensure that you are getting as much out of your morning as possible. Often, your hair and make up artist might even find that they know your photographer or are familiar working at your particular venue.

Everyone wants to ensure that they play their part in making sure you have the most amazing wedding morning. If you think you might like me to join you in making yours one to remember then please do get in touch.  I only work with one wedding per day so once your booking is confirmed you can rest assured that I’ll be with you until the moment you head off down the aisle!