7 Step Checklist for Choosing a wedding hair and make up artist

Finding someone who you trust to create your wedding hair and make up is no easy feat! With so many artists it can all be a little overwhelming when it comes to selecting who you want to spend your wedding morning with. I’ve worked with hundreds of brides and all of them tell me that choosing their hair and make up artist is something that they can get quite nervous about. So, in my attempt to help a little , I’ve put together 7 easy steps that you can follow to make sure that when it comes to choosing your wedding hair and make up artist , you can be sure that you’re getting the right person!

1, Can they do what you’re after?

Chances are that you’ve found their details and taken a look at their social media pages. I’m really proud of the looks I create and post them here so that other brides to be can get inspiration when it comes to finding their own unique style too. Can you look through images of their work and imagine yourself in those photos? Are you attracted to the styles they are creating? If you want to then you can always ask to see some similar styles to what you have in mind that they have previously created.

2. Do your like their ‘vibe’?

Have you taken a look at their website? Does it resonate with you? Do they seem like someone who will understand what you want from your day? Can you imagine that this might be the kind of person that you could trust?

3. Do you like their personality?

When you contact them are they friendly? Is it easy? Do they seem to know what they’re talking about!? Someone that takes time to chat with you about your wedding, and give you the information you’re after is much more appealing than someone who simply fires back a price list. I have a contact page on my site that allows brides to be to fill out their details and I will always personally respond to all of my enquiries.

4. Can you see reviews?

Can you get any feedback from anyone who has actually used them? What do they have to say? Was it a positive experience for them? You can read reviews from my past brides on my facebook and google pages. This is important as it helps my potential brides to know that I can be trusted with the biggest day of their life!  ( no pressure! )

5. Is the work you’re seeing their own work?

This might sound like a basic request but many artists looking to attract brides will use stock images of pictures and tell you that they can create a look ‘just like this one’. Ask to see their own work, ask to see pictures from weddings they have personally worked on and styles they created themselves.

6. Can you imagine spending a morning with them?

Are they chatty? Friendly? Approachable? Polite? Will they fit in? It’s the biggest day of your life and you’re inviting them to be a huge part in that, make sure they make you feel comfortable. Some of the best compliments I’ve had from brides is that having me there is like having another friend helping you get ready on your wedding morning.  The wedding morning is an experience in itself, it’s fun, it’s emotional, it’s nerve wracking and I’m there to help you through that!

7. Are they professional?

Do they take a deposit? Have they sent a contract? You don’t want to get caught out weeks before your wedding with someone who has ‘let you down’ after saying they will do your hair and make up for you who then simply changes their mind or cancels at the last minute. A professional artist will set a contract, take a deposit payment and confirm your booking so you don’t need to worry. Sadly, I get so many last minute brides contact me panicking because the person they thought they had booked didn’t show up or changed their mind. For me, wedding hair and make up is my full time profession. Its something I do because I love it, and I wouldn’t dream of letting anyone down. I have contracts, policies and booking processes in place so you can be sure that your wedding hair and make up services are booked, and that I’m taking it seriously.

Your wedding day is a big deal. You’ve put so much love and energy into all of the details it’s only right that you work alongside a variety of suppliers willing to do the same! After over 7 years in the wedding industry I’m proud to know a whole host of fabulous suppliers who really will go above and beyond to make your day the very best! If there’s anything that you’re not sure of or that you’d like help with then please do just ask! I look forward to speaking with you!