A September Wedding at The Oak Grove, Kent // Gemma and Matt

On a beautiful day last September, I headed over to a lovely little place called the Green Farm House to get the beautiful Gemma ready for her big day. I caught up with Gemma and asked her if she wouldn’t mind sharing a few memories of the day with me…and a few photos of course! Taken by the wonderfully talented photographer that is Simon Hawkins ( who also happens to be my husband! ) … Enjoy!

Full name: Gemma Kent 
Wedding Date:28/9/19
Venue: The Oak Grove 
Photographer: Simon Hawkins

My wedding style was….

Woodland vintage boho

My wedding hair was….. 

Amazing Mermaid updo

My wedding make up was…. 

Natural, pinks – perfect 

The thing I love most about my wedding day was…. 

Marrying the love of my life and sharing our hard work and marriage with those closest to us! 

My venue was perfect because….. 

it suited our personalities and we fell in love the moment we first visited it was the most magical venue even at night in darkness.

My favourite photo was…. 

Our 1st dance as our little one got involved too! That was special magical moment as all of our guests got involved and held up their phone torches and it created a perfect picture. ( and of course our chaos flair pictures! Great fun!) 

I chose Katie for my wedding hair and make up because ….. 

She made me feel confident in my choices and I had no worries and new my hair and makeup would be perfect on the day! And it was!

If I could give other brides one piece of advice it would be….

Stay calm and take a step back on the day breath and take it all it, watch everyone for a few minutes enjoying the day that you created as it goes so fast. I did this a few times it was great to stop and take it all in have a moment. Do this with just you and your husband and look around together instead of being busy all day talking away and before you know it the day has gone 🙂 

Thank you so much Gemma! If you’re one of my past brides and would be happy to feature on my blog with the details of your day then please do get in touch!