Thursday Throwback – The beautiful Hannah

Flower crowns are easily one of my favourite things from 2018. Fact. I love the simplicity, the romance and the sheer ‘pretty-ness’ that flowers bring and I love it when a bride tells me that she wants use them in her hair style! I certainly don’t need telling twice! Sometimes my brides ask me for advice as to what type of flowers they should get or what they need to look for and my answer is always the same…”Just pick whatever you love and we will make it work.”  Individual flowers are great scattered throughout a style, some ladies like to wear a ‘cluster’ of flowers in place of a side comb or hair accessory and others opt for my ultimate favourite – a flower crown! 

 Hannah was a beautiful bride. You can see from the image above , taken by the lovely Kirsty at photographybykirsty,  that she looked the epitome of elegance. She opted for a complete up style, showing off the high neckline of her dress, simple and elegant. Often brides think that in order to wear flowers in their hair they need to be boho and hippy, getting married in a  field with glitter on the face…. As cool as that would most definitely be ( call me if this is you – we need to talk – I want to be at your wedding! ) ,  it’s certainly not always the case.

Hannah complimented her bouquet with her choice of crown and having both aspects of flower details really brought her entire look together.  For her make up we kept it natural and glowing, the typical flawless bridal look. Soft and feminine – the flushed pinks and neutral warm tones really lifted her features and gave her that ‘wedding day radiance’! .

If you’re talking with your florist about creating something with fresh flowers with your wedding hair in mind then theres a couple of things you’ll want to consider:

  1. Open flowers are better. they sit flatter to the head and can be easily manipulated into shape. Rose ‘buds’ are so pretty but they will sit ‘out’ from the head.
  2. Leave the stems long. Its much easier for myself and any hair professional to work with long stems, giving us something to weave through your hairstyle ensuring that it’s really secure.
  3. Will they wire them for you? Some florists are more than happy to add wire to the offcuts of your flowers in order for them to be bent and twisted into the hair. this is great as it adds that little bit of extra security and saves me using quote so many pins!


So if you’re looking at styles for your big day and you really like the idea of flowers then we should talk! Flowers can be added to any style so whatever you want – even if you’re not sure how it would work – don’t be disheartened! It’s amazing what we can do with a little imagination!

And who says flowers are reserved just for the bouquets anyway!? !


Katie x