A Guide for Optimizing Hair Preparation for Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

A Guide for Optimizing Hair Preparation for Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

It’s important that your hair is in the best possible condition for your wedding day. Regardless of what style you choose you want your hair to feel healthy and look exatly how you want it to. So many brides comment that they’ve never seen their hair look quite as good it does on their wedding day and in order to ensure you feel exactly that , there are some things that you can do in prepareation for your wedding hair to help me along the way…

Hair cut

Especially if you’re wearing your hair down. Uneven, fine or thinning ends won’t you’re your style. Make sure your hair is trimmed before your oreview session so you can get a true reflection of length and look of your chosen wedding day hair style.

Hair colour

Your hair style will look totally different depending on your hair colour. The same style on a blonde and a brunette can look like two totally different styles. Even something as simple as topping up your root colour or making sure your highlghts are fresh when you come for your hair preview session can make a difference to how you view your chosen style. Colour placement is important too. If you only ever have half a head of highlights and you choose a half up wedding hair style then chances are the top half of your style will look a different colour to the bottom.

Hair health

Cutting your hair regularl is really important for hair health but if your hair is feeling a little dry or damaged then it’s a really good idea to have some hair treatments in the run up to the wedding day. Even something as simple as a leave in conditioner can make a big difference to the texture of your hair. If you use heat on your hair every day , make sure youre using a heat defence spray to protect it too.

Before you have your wedding hair preview session

It’s imortant that you arrive to your preview session with clean, dry hair. This allows me to see your hair in it’s natural state. I can then make an informed decision about what products to use to achieve the look and stle you want. Hair that is dirty won’t style well and too much natural oil can make a style too flat and limp ( No greasy hair please! ) .  Hair that has been ironed straight is really hard to then manipulate into a curl ( and vice versa ) so it’s best to wash your hair the day before your session if possible and once dry just leave it to do it’s own thing! Avoid using too much conditioner and only apply to your mid lengths and ends .

If you’ve booked a preview session with me then you’ll receive an email with all of the information you need about how best to prepare in order to get the most out of your appointment but if you do have any questions then please do reach out. It’s my job to help design the wedding hair of your dreams and I take great pride in doing just that! Anything is possible, whatever your style and whatever wedding day hair style you have your heart set on – we can make it happen!

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