How to best prepare for your preview session

This is a question I get asked a lot by brides –

How can I best prepare for my wedding hair and make up preview session? What should I bring? What should I do?! I’ve created this simple checklist to help you when it comes to feeling prepared for your wedding hair and make up preview session with me…

  • Collect pictures of things you like. This is by far the most important thing to remember. It’s so much easier than us attempting ( often with crazy hand gestures! ) to describe the ‘up a bit and a bit down and a few curls, but not too many curls, and sort of undone’ look! With pictures I can clearly see what you mean and fully understand the look that you are trying to achieve.
  • Collect pictures of things you don’t like. This is really important too. If you can show me the way you DON’T like the hair pulled back from the afce, or the way you DON’T want your curls to sit it makes my job a whole lot easier! Again, it’s about me understanding exactly what you want and being able to get that right for you.
  • Be open minded. Maybe you’re filled with horror when you see me reach for the pink eyeshadow or talk about adding a purple tone to your eyeliner. A lot of us stick to what we know when it comes to make up but colour, when used correctly, really can help to open your eyes up, define your lash line and lift your cheekbones – trust me!
  • Tell me if you want something in particular. Maybe you can’t live without your eyeliner, or maybe you only ever wear one certain lipstick shade. That’s not a problem. When it comes to make up its so important that you feel like yourself as you get ready for your wedding day. If there’s something that you know you want, or a particular product you want me to use then just let me know.
  • Arrive with clean hair. Greasy hair will never look as good as clean hair when it comes to styling. Ideally, wash your hair the night before our appointment and leave it in its natural state. This is important for me to see when figuring out what products will work best for your hair type. Hair that has been straightened will be even harder to create and hold a curl so embrace the natural!
  • Remove your make up. I know this is really hard for some people and trust me when I say I don’t like leaving the house without my make up on either! But it’s really important for me to see your skin in all it’s natural glory. I want to know if you have any areas you want covered, and I want to see any redness so I can be sure to select the perfect products to give you a flawless base and bridal glow.
  • Tell me if you’re unsure. Maybe I’ve just spend the last hour applying your make up for you to look in the mirror and know immediately that you simply don’t like the colour lipstick I’ve used…tell me. I want to get this right for you, I want you to look beautiful and know it! If I can make any adjustments then just tell me, and If I haven’t got it quite right the first time we can keep trying until we get it perfect for you!
  • YOU know YOU. You know yourself better than I ever will. If you know that your hair is dry at the ends or won’t hold a curl then tell me. The more information I get from you the more informed I can be when it comes to making choices of exactly what I want to use. Different products will give me different results on different hair types.  Anything you can tell me to help me get all the facts when it comes to your hair or your skin is really helpful and gives me a much better idea of how I can give you exactly the look you want.

If you need any further information when it comes to preparing for your preview session then please do get in touch. I suggest you book this session around 6 – 8 weeks before your wedding day so if you have a particular time or date in mind then be sure to contact me to request it so I can do my best to accommodate you!