Is My Hair Length is Perfect for Beautiful Wedding Hair?

Discover if Your Hair Length is Perfect for Beautiful Wedding Hair

A common question I hear from my brides-to-be is, “Is my hair long enough to style for wedding hair?” It’s a valid concern as wedding hair can be intricate and require a certain length to achieve the desired look. So many of the pinterest styles you see online are modelled on log hair or even hair extensions. A couple of key factors that determine whether your hair is long enough for wedding hair styling  that might be worth considering for your wedding day hair are:

Hair Length Requirements for Wedding Hair

The length of your hair will play a significant role in what styles are available to you. However, it’s not just about the overall length of your hair. Other factors such as hair texture, density, and volume also come into play. Generally, hair that is at least shoulder-length is sufficient for most wedding hairstyles. If your hair is shorter than shoulder length, you may still be able to achieve a beautiful wedding hair look with the help of hair extensions. So many brides wear hair extensions on their wedding day and yet you’d never know because they are colour matched and blended so seemlessly with their chosen style.

If you have fine or thin hair, you might want to consider adding extensions to create the volume necessary for certain hairstyles. On the other hand, if you have thick and heavy hair, you may need to have some of the weight removed to achieve a more manageable style. This can be done by sectioning the hair in a certain way so that some of the hair can be hidden from view.

I always ask my brides to come to their preview session with images of their dream wedding hair style. If their own hair length, thickness and even colour wasn’t taken into consideration – what would they pick as their dream wedding hair goal. This often gives me a clue as to what my brides really want, and allows us to figure out how we can get them to exactly where they want to be, despite what they think might be possible with the hair they have.

It’s perfectly realistic that someone with shorter hair can have long tumbling curls, but it’s important that people understand what that will involve. Hair extensions will include an additional cost, plus additional time. Clip in hair is easily removed for one wedding day wear but anything more permanent such as tape extensions or bonded extensions will also mean additional cost and maintenance, something that it’s important to consider before making any kind of commitment.

I offer a free colour match service to all of my brides, meaning that if they choose to wear added clip in hair for their wedding day then I can colour match them to ensure that the colour of the hair they wear is an exact match to their own. I only use 100% human hair meaning that it can be heat styled just as if it were their own, meaning that the style – whatever they may choose- loks 100% natural. So many people won’t even notice or realise that the bride is wearing extensions at all!

If you’re interested in chatting more about how we can create your dream wedding hair then get in touch. You can also find tons of inspiration over on my instagram page …(  and I bet you can’t spot the brides who are wearing extensions! )

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