LGBTQ supplier

As my ( almost! ) 6 year old daughter would tell you ‘’Love is love’’, and I couldn’t put it any better myself!  During lockdown I’ve been doing what I can to ensure that I stay learning and educating myself about all sorts of topics – not just those directly related to hair services or make up. It’s important for me to stay productive and have something to focus on and work towards.

A couple of weeks back I found the LGTBQ awareness course by the Wedding Business School.

It’s a really interesting short course designed to educate those within the wedding industry in regard to inclusivity. It’s made up of short videos and light reading and I found it really informative.  If you’re in the wedding industry, or even if you’re just interested to know more and educate yourself then be sure to head over and take a look. It really gets you thinking.

‘’Inclusivity and diversity does not begin and end with a course. It is an on-going effort to continue building your knowledge and staying up to date with current affairs.’’

Here’s what the course creators had to say….

‘’This course was created out of a need for change in the wedding industry. A lack of LGBTQ inclusivity within the industry that results in excluding LGBTQ couples still exists. Sometimes it isn’t even a matter of intentional exclusivity, it can be a lack of not knowing how to be inclusive. Or knowing the right thing to say or language to use to ensure that it is appropriate. ‘’

I’ve always been LGBTQ friendly… and now I have the badge to prove it!  My business is centered around making people feel good about themselves regardless of any other aspect, whatever that may be. I really believe that if you can make someone happy and feel good that’s a superpower in itself! I love that my job allows me to give people that feeling and I’m really proud that I’m able to do that. And just as my ( very nearly ) 6 year old will tell you ‘’Love is love’’, and it’s as simple as that!