Special Additional Hours Offers for Bridal Hair and Makeup

Special Additional Hours for Bridal Hair and Makeup

When you request a wedding day hair and makeup quotation from me you’ll notice that there’s the option to add ‘additional hours’ .  An additional hourly service is something that I’m able to offer on the wedding day and something that is often requested by Brides for a number of reasons.

These might include:

A Bride wants their hair dressed in an upstyle for the wedding ceremony, but then taken down for the wedding breakfast. Generally this can be done ( usually if there is no change of venue between your ceremony and breakfast )  and involves me staying on site for around 2 extra hours. This gives us time for your ceremony to take place, and then provides me with around 30 minutes to change the styles for you.  The reason that this can be done in such a time efficient manner is usually because we have taken into consideration the fact that we will shortly be changing the hair when I create the first style. This might mean I use specific products, pin in a certain way so the hair can easily be restyled, or even that we adapt the first style slightly to ensure that the second style is possible. Some brides even like to change their dress too! Additional hours is certainly something to consider if you’re the type of Bride who wants to mix things up a little and showcase more than one wedding day hair look! 

A Bride wants to go from a classic, natural and neutral Bridal make up look to a more exaggerated, more intense evening glamour look. This might involve lipstick changes, addition or enhancement of lashes  or even a complete eye make up change.  Brides that tend to go for this type of service might be having a later ceremony and heading straight into an evening party with their guests. Again, this would involve me staying on site to make any changes after the ceremony but before the arrival of the evening guests so that the Bride can make a statement entrance!

Top up services. Some Brides ( and even bridal parties ) like to ensure that someone remains on site until after the ceremony so that any make up touch-ups can be made.  Generally speaking these requests often come from Brides who know that are going to shed more than a few tears and worry about how this might affect their photos once the ceremony is done and they head off for their first photos as a married couple. Often I am able to accompany the photographer and the couple, being on hand to make any hair and makeup adjustments during the photo session. This is particularly important for brides who don’t feel confident having their photos taken and want to make sure that whilst the photographer can concentrate on getting the perfect shot, I’m on hand to ensure that the hair and makeup are perfect also!

If you’re thinking that you’d like to extend the hours for your bridal hair and makeup services on your wedding day then just let me know and this can be adjusted on your booking. Maybe  you’d like to do it for one of the reasons above, or maybe you have a completely different approach that you’d like me to cater for. Either way, id love to hear it !

Speak soon

Katie Hawkins

p.s. You can make a booking enquiry by clicking here. Once I’ve confirmed your date is available I can send across details of how to reserve your date and services, plus any additional hours and provide you with a personalised quote.

Special Additional Hours for Bridal Hair and Makeup
Special Additional Hours for Bridal Hair and Makeup