The 5 most important words when it comes to your wedding hair and make up


A really popular word for 2019 , and it seems that 2020 brides are continuing the trend. ‘Undone ‘ hair , is soft hair that moves, hair that is less structured with more texture but not forgetting the shine. It’s the whole ‘I woke up like this’ , just a slightly more polished version! Just because hair looks ‘undone’ does not mean loose or falling out, the hair is still held and structured in the same way as any style in order to allow it to last all day for a wedding. Simply put, undone styles tend to be more sweeping, following the hairs natural movement rather than constricting it to be something else.


 When a bride tells me they want to look natural, they mean that they want to look ‘like themsevles’. Your wedding day hair and make up should enhance your usual features, not mask or change them. You simply want to look like you – on a really good day! Perhaps you don’t usually wear make up, or it’s rare that you ever really do anything with your hair. Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference. The simplest of styles or the smallest change to a make up application can really enhance someone’s natural beauty.


This is a word that I hear a lot. My brides tell me that they want to look flawless, glamorous and elegant. The definition of elegant is stylish, grateful, tasteful, sophisticated, dignified and beautiful. Need I say more!

Wow. ‘Nice’ just doesn’t cut it. I want you to not only look amazing, but feel it too. It’s one of my very favourite moment of the morning when a bride turns to the mirror after stepping into her dress and sees her wedding hair and make up complete for the very first time.  I don’t want you to look or feel anything less than amazing.


This is perhaps the most important word when it comes to wedding hair and make up. Both yourself and your chosen artist need to know when to say no. If you ask me for something that really doesn’t work with you, doesn’t compliment you at all, and leaves me with genuine concern about how it will look or last then I’m going to tell you no. Of course I will provide alternative suggestions and options but you are paying me for my professional advice, and if something goes strongly against that, then I have to speak up. On a wedding day it’s my job to consider not only what your make up looks like in person , but also what it will look like in photographs, how it will work on camera and ultimately whether I can be proud of what I have created for you, knowing that it’s to the best of my abilities.  It also goes for you too. If you don’t like something – say no. If you don’t want something – say no. I always tell my brides to be honest with me, If I didn’t get it quite right, didn’t use the exact colour you wanted, or you simply want something a little different, don’t be afraid to tell me. These photos are going to last you a lifetime -I want to get it right for you. I don’t want you to think it’s ‘ok’. I want you to think it’s perfect so honesty is definitely the best policy!


The whole point of booking a professional is so that you can guarantee that not only do you look good, but you feel it too. The moment a bride steps into her dress and see’s herself in the mirror for the first time is my favourite part of every morning.  I want you to know that you look like the very best possible version of yourself and I want you to be proud of that! Even at your trial session I love to hear compliments like ‘’Wow is that really me?’’ or ‘’I cant believe that’s actually my hair!’’.  The whole ethos of my role as a wedding hair and make up artist is to transform you into the beautiful bride that you had imagined ready for this day. Having that ability to make people feel amazing is such a special thing, I get such satisfaction watching you head off down the aisle knowing that I helped to create the confidence and glow that you’re wearing!

If you want to chat about the details for your wedding day then be sure to get in touch. Maybe you’re not sure yet as to what look you want to go for – or maybe you know exactly what you want. Either way, feel free to contact me or send me a message. You can find lots of inspiration over on my instagram page too so be sure to stop over there aswell!