Trending Wedding Day Haircuts to Make You Look Stunning

A bride with wedding day haircut trend and a groom dancing on their wedding ceremony.

If you’re hanging around on social media then you’ve probably seen the latest trend of ‘wedding day haircuts’. As a wedding hair and makeup artist I absolutely LOVE the idea of someone being brave enough to go for the chop part way through their own wedding day.

For those of you that don’t have a clue what I’m talking about …Basically, the Bride completes the wedding ceremony with her hair styled in one way, and then sits in the chair before the evening guests arrive ( sometimes even as a complete surprise for their partner! ) and has it all cut off! A quick search on instagram or tik tok and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

Now I can honestly say that no bride has ever asked me to cut her hair on her wedding day…sadly. ( If you’re considering it please do ask me as I would jump at the chance! ) I would seriously love the chance to make such a dramatic change for someone as a part of their wedding day but it would certainly take some confidence, and a lot of trust on the part of the Bride!

Most ladies choose their wedding hair style on the basis of their dress, the neckline of the dress, and inspiration pictures they’ve found on pinterest when searching for ‘wedding hair’. This new trending wedding day haircuts just goes to show that actually there’s no such thing as typical ‘wedding hair’.

Wedding hair is simply the hair you wear on your wedding day – whatever that may be. I’m always telling my brides that just because its your wedding day, and just because you’re a bride, doesn’t mean you have to do something or wear anything that doesn’t feel 100% authentic to you. There’s no right or wrong way to be a Bride, and there’s no right or wrong style when it comes to Bridal.

The advice I give to my brides goes something like this….If you don’t normally wear your hair up because you hate your ears, then your wedding day probably isn’t the time to start. If you don’t usually wear red lipstick – even though it looks fabulous on the girl on pinterest, – again, it probably isn’t the day to start wearing it yourself!

The other thing to consider when it comes to your wedding day hair and makeup is that you can think a little ‘bigger’ than you normally would. By this I mean if the only reason you never wear your hair up in anything but a high ponytail is because you don’t know how to do anything other than a high ponytail then make sure you maximise the opportunity for your big day!

Take full advantage of the fact that you have a professional wedding hair stylist on hand able to help you create a look even better than what you can probably imagine! So many brides just don’t see what their own hair type is capable of and it’s just the best feeling when I’m able to create something that exceeds their expectations of their own hair!

So if you’re not sure, or you’re feeling a little disheartened about what you think you can or cant achieve when it comes to your wedding hair then get in touch. Id love to chat with you about what’s possible ( and maybe even try and talk you into a wedding day hair cut perhaps…?! )


p.s. here’s a link to exactly what I’m talking about! Would you brave it?!