Wedding Hair and Make Up at Hayne House, Kent

The outdoor space is beautifully presented and there’s lots of attention to detail, even when it comes to bridal prep. They have a separate room set up with two dressing tables which is perfect for both hair and make up to be taking place. There’s even a sofa so the rest of the bridal party can join you, ensuring that the ‘getting ready’ part of your day is a real occasion in itself. 

Getting ‘wedding ready’ is a really relaxed and fun  time for the bridal party – there’s always plenty of chatting, laughing and usually a few bubbles as everyone relaxes and the excitement for the day builds!

A high neck wedding dress

Michelle wore a beautiful fitted gown which had lace right up to the neck so we decided that an up-do would be best to show off  the details on the back of the dress. Her mid length dark hair was thick, so rather than attempt a curled look,  I decided to use twists to give the illusion of a folded, elegant style. 

I twisted her hair in small individual sections and pinned securely to a central point at the back of her head. I added a little bit of height to best suit her face shape and the twists, rather than being clustered together at the nape of her neck, climbed up above her ears. Creating this shape meant that we were able to give the illusion of height to the style. It meant that she looked like the twisted detail on her hair followed seamlessly into the detail of her dress, flowing right down into her train.

A classic bridal make up look

Michelle’s make up was natural and classic. A lot of brides tell me they worry about not feeling ‘like them’ on the day. Maybe perhaps because they don’t usually wear make up, or because they’ve never had it professionally done before. Wedding make up should simply bring out and help enhance the very best bits of you. It should ensure that your skin tone is even, that you look radiant and glowing, and that simply put, you just look like you. – on a really good day. We went for a simple lip,  a flawless base and a soft peach blush. The neutral tones we used on her eyes helped to make them stand out  and we shaded a variety of browns and taupe , using Morphe 35o palette, to give a shadowed matte effect. 

Michelles wonderful day was captured by the photography talent that is Francesca at Piccolino. You can view more of her work here . Thankyou Francesca for use of these beautiful images!

If you’re wanting to chat about your own wedding hair and make up then head over to my contact page and send me a message. I’d love to hear from you and the diary is filling fast for 2020!

Katie x