Top Tips for Planning your Wedding Hair and Make Up 


It’s simply not as easy as just ‘finding someone’ to do your wedding hair and make up. There are so many fabulous and talented artists out there and trust me when I say – they get booked up! If you’ve found someone you like then make sure you secure your date with them. Like myself, most artists will only work with one bridal party per day to ensure that you really do get their undivided attention ( just as you should! ) Get in there as early as you can because you don’t want to risk missing out!

Here’s 5 things for you to consider so you can be well prepared for your wedding day hair and make up decisions:

  1. Start looking at ideas

 Whether it’s social media or flicking through wedding magazines – whatever your preference – start to gather some ideas as to what you like. Chances are you’ll be drawn to a certain type of look, or perhaps you’ll keep coming back to a particular type of hair style. Eevne if everything you look at is slightly different start to gather and collect ideas ( even if its just as screenshots on your phone) so you have a starting point when it comes to explaining what it is you’re after.

  1. Think about your accessories

If you know you want to include mums veil, or you absolutely need to incorporate the hair slide you fell in love with from the bridal shop, then make sure you look for styles using similar accessories so you can see a realistic representation of how these might alter what you want. There are always options so if there’s something you love that really must be a part of your day then it’s really handy if you have it ready to trial at the preview session.

  1. Think about what you don’t want

Sometimes brides think this is a starnge questions for me to ask but its one of the most important. If I know what you DON’T want and DON’T like then I can be sure that I steer clear! For example, if you really hate your ears and want them covered ( a very popular request! ) then tell me!

  1. Book your date in

Preview session dates fill fast! If you want a specific date/time or want it to coincide with a certain event etc then make sure you let me know. It doesn’t matter if you book it in 6 month in advance but the earlier you let me know the more chance I will be able to accommodate.

  1. Be open minded

Lots of brides come with a ‘ Do whatever you want’ attitude. A preview session is your chance to be brave. Try that lipstick, give it a go with curls – whatever! It’s your time to really play around with your look and see what you want for your big day. I always encourage my brides to try something that they perhaps normally wouldn’t. If it doesn’t work then at least you’ve discounted it and you won’t be left with that ‘what if’ regret afterwards!


These tips are just a few of the important points to consider ( amongst the three thousand other wedding related things you have on your mind! So many brides have no clue what they want for their big day and if you’re one of them , then please don’t panic. Figuring it out with you is half the fun! Be sure to keep an eye on my facebook and instagram pages so you can get inspired with all my latest creations and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about what you’re after.