When shall I book my wedding hair and make up?

I get asked this question ALL of the time. Lots of brides will book their venue, and maybe even their photographer and dress before considering looking for their hair and make up artist. If you really want my honest answer to the question of when you should book your wedding hair and make up…. Yesterday! Seriously! And if you didn’t do it then – do it right now!


I see so many ‘Wedding checklist’ blogs that tell you to start looking for your hair and make up artist around 3 months before the big day – some even say later than that! That’s too late. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know exactly what you want, or you haven’t quite decided exactly how you want your hair or what colour lip to wear. What does matter is that if you leave it too late you’ll be left with whoever is available rather than whoever it is you really want. 

If you find a stylist you like, who’s work you admire, and who seems to be able to create the kind of look you can imagine wearing yourself then book them in! Popular stylists can get booked upto two years in advance – seriously! You don’t want to miss out or find yourself frantically hunting for alternatives because the person you really wanted had already been snapped up.  

When brides book with me I take a deposit payment to secure their date and rate. This means they know they’re booked in and they know how much its going to cost them. The final balance isn’t due until 30 days before the big day itself so plenty of time for people who want to spread payments and confirm which members of their bridal party 

I only work with one wedding per day. Your wedding is one of the most important day of your life and it’s important that I treat it with that same type of importance! I like to stay for those final moments, to ensure that everything is just perfect as you head off down the aisle .

I also offer Preview sessions, sometimes known as a ‘style trial’ and these sessions allow us to have a little sneak peek of your bridal vision by bringing it to life! We will work together to create and decide upon your perfect look so you can rest assured that when it comes to your big day, you’ll be looking exactly how you imagined!

If you’re looking for someone to help create your bridal vision then get in touch with me here

It’s never too early to talk ‘wedding’ and once a date is gone, it’s gone !  

I look forward to hearing from you  

Katie x