When should I colour my hair before my wedding?

A lot of brides worry about when to time their final hair appointment in order for their hair to look its very best on the big day. You don’t want to leave it long enough that you allow any regrowth, but you don’t want to have it done the night before just incase you’re left with any scalp staining  from your chosen colour – especially if it’s a dark one!( we’ve all been there!)

I advise my brides that the week before the wedding is the perfect time to have your colour re done as it allows you to ensure its exactly how you want it , and if for some reason its not then there is plenty of time to make any alterations. Not only this but also, it means that you’ve had the chance to wash it to ensure all the excess colour has left your hair and you’re not left with any colour staining – especially around your hair line area.

I’d always recommend you visit a professional to get your colour services, you certainly don’t want to be worrying about a patchy colour on your wedding day! A good colourist will be able to advise you as to what works well with your own skin tones and they will use professional products that suit your hair type to give you the long lasting colour that you’re after! Be sure to book it in though, I’ve heard horror stories about people having to go elsewhere when their favourite stylist is unavailable and that’s a pre wedding stress you most certainly don’t need !

Changing Your Hair Colour Before The Wedding Day

Some brides ask me about changing their hair colour in a drastic way before the wedding day, for example going from blonde to brown or even vice versa! The important thing to remember is that the same style can look totally different when it’s on different colour hair. You might decide that it doesn’t show off the detail in the same way or that your chosen accessory doesn’t stand out in the same way when your hair is a different colour. Maybe you’ve been the same colour for years and fancy a change? My advice would be to make any colour changes in plenty of time before the wedding, and by this I mean months not weeks!  Even the slightest change to colour and tone can make the biggest difference to your look. Drastic colour changes may even require you to change your entire make up collection too so its something that you need to give some serious thought to. Although you might like the idea of the ‘shock factor’ as you walk down the aisle with a completely different hair colour than your partner saw you with three days ago, not only will it take them some time to get used to – but you too! As much as you think you might like it, and as much as it looks good on someone else , is the week before your wedding really the time you want to risk it!?