Why you DON’T need to book a separate wedding hair and make up artist for your wedding day

If I had a pound for every time I heard something along the lines of  ‘’You can’t have one person for both hair and make up on your wedding day , because they will only be any good at one or the other/ because you’ll run out of time/ because they won’t be able to get everyone ready ( you can insert your own totally untrue limitation here! ) ‘’ then I’d be a rich woman!

Don’t believe everything you hear!

When I first started out I felt a little hurt when I heard things like this, and I felt the need to justify why it’s not true, or maybe point out how many weddings I’ve done where I’ve got everyone ready, both wedding hair and make up,  on time and without any problems. Nowadays, I just simply smile to myself when I hear things like this as it simply could be more wrong! I smile even more so when the person saying it, or the person who told the bride this valuable advice, is infact someone who offers only hair or only make up and not both ( funny that eh?! ).

What’s the truth?

The truth is that many professionals have spent many years training in order to be able to provide a complete and bespoke hair and make up service to their clients. Just like some artists will specialize in face painting, or hair extensions – I specialize in bridal. It’s where I’ve honed my skills, spent my time and attention and it’s what I love. I love being given complete control in bringing someone’s bridal vision to life.  The opportunity to provide both hair and make up services works so well for several reasons and just a few of them include the following:

1. I can take the time to understand.

We spend a lot of time talking about what your likes are, and even what you dislike too. I want to make sure that I fully understand other aspects of your day in order to understand your desires and expectations of your look too. Sometimes when I tell people that a trial can take up to three hours they think it sounds like a long time but it quickly passes as we discuss everything in-depth and start to try out a variety of looks based on your initial ideas.

2. I know what compliments and I can make suggestions and give a professional opinion.

 Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want and rest assured not every bride does!  It’s my job to provide you with the options to make an informed decision. You might have not considered changing your hair part, or wearing lashes and I can offer advice based on things like your face shape or hair colour which you might not even have thought about!

3. You can see everything come together.

Your bridal hair and bridal make up have to work together. They have to complement and enhance one another. By doing both, I can be sure that your entire look works in unison.  You can see everything at the same time and once we’ve completed your trial session many brides to be tell me that seeing themselves as they will look as a bride really makes it all seem that little bit more real!

4. I can work to my own timings

Working alone means that I can set my own timings and deadlines based on your timeline for the day. I can work to a schedule if needed and I know how long I need to carry out the services I’m there to do. If I want to put your rollers in, then prep your skin, then start your updo, then return to apply your eyeshadow I can. I know exactly how long I need to complete each service and what order to work in to give you the best results. It means I’m not waiting around or stepping aside whilst someone else needs you to fit in with their needs too. 

Being given the opportunity and the responsibility to bring someone’s bridal vision to life is not something to be taken lightly. It’s not ‘just another day’, you don’t just want to look ‘nice’ and you certainly don’t want to ever look back on the photos that will last you a lifetime and worry that you should have done something differently.  I have a fantastic team that works alongside me with larger bridal parties meaning that I can cater to anyone who wants to get in on the action on the wedding morning and offer both hair and make up services to everyone.

That being said, and as much as I love the chance to offer both hair and make up services on your wedding day, sometimes I’m booked alongside other suppliers for just one aspect of the services I offer. Maybe your friend is a make up artist and is doing your make up for you as a gift, or maybe you’ve got a very talented mum who wants to be the one to create your bridal updo – that’s fine too! When this is the case then I always make sure to have a quick chat to organize timings so everyone can organize things exactly as they need to. It’s really important that everyone on your wedding morning is working together to make everything as stress free as possible for you!

If you’d like to know more or you want any further information on how your own wedding morning might work then please do get in touch. You can see some of my bridal creations on my gallery pages so feel free to pop over there and get inspired, there’s even a video on my about me page that will give you a little peek behind the scenes on a real wedding morning!

I look forward to speaking to you!