My Bucket List by Pretty Please by Katie

My Bucket List by Pretty Please by Katie

So we’re three months into 2019 now, I’m still eating chocolate for breakfast and still trying to stay on top of  everything admin wise ( I give it another week at best! ) .

I’m definitely one of those people who like to have a goal. I work better when I have a target to strive for and I’m a great believer in the law of attraction too. With that in mind, I’ve started thinking about just what I want to achieve ‘business wise’ over the coming months ( years even! )  so I’ve compiled the list below. Some of them are bigger than others, some perhaps slightly more realistic too (!!) but I’m sure that with a little help I’ll find a way to tick everything off one way or another! Over the past few years, my goals have been to get a front page feature on a bridal magazine (my gorgeous bride, photographed by Kerry Ann Duffy achieved this! ) to win the Kent Wedding Awards (tick!) , and to speak on stage at Salon International. In October last year I presented a bridal hair demo on their New Talent stage with my wonderful red haired model Sam ( you can see some of my snaps below ) and it just goes to show that if you put your mind to it – nothing is out of reach!

So here’s what I have so far…


Dreamland. I’d love to style a retro bride at Dreamland, Margate. It’s a theme park in Kent that’s undergone some extensive renovations over the past few years in order to restore it to at least some of its former glory! The whole place, the history of it, the quirkiness – really appeals to me and I’d love to have some photos that show off this creative side of my bridal work! It’s fairy local to me too so quite achievable. If you haven’t considered it as a venue possibility for your day then be sure to take a look!


Destination Wedding. Italy. It’s so romantic. The type of bride that travels to Italy for their big day is relaxed, elegant and chic. I’d love to opportunity to travel abroad to prepare a bride for her big day. Although the chance has come up a few times over the past few years I’ve never been able to make it work date/time wise so it’s certainly something I’d love to do! If you’re marrying abroad then make sure you get in touch in plenty of time if you’re trying to arrange for your chosen and specific suppliers to be with you! ( obviously if you need me to come to the Maldives on honeymoon with you also then I’ll certainly consider that too! )


Barefoot bride. Think flowers, braids and boho chic. Maybe it’s a forest, possibly even a beach! The kind of bride that is ‘at one’ with nature and surroundings, who’s big day is beautiful, relaxed, simple and a little bit magical.


Fancy dress wedding. This is a total goal! The type of wedding that you’re asked to come in costume or theme. It might be Medieval, it might be 1930’s – who knows! A certain look, a certain vibe – amazing!


Hair that touches the floor. Ok, so maybe this is one of my slightly trickier requests but I would love to style the hair of someone who’s hair is so long that it reaches the floor ( or very close ! ) I’m thinking Rapunzel type locks that take hours to braid. If you have long long long hair , or know anyone who does who might like to model for me – we need to talk!


Disneyland Bride. You can get married at Disneyland. Fact. If you want to fly me over to the American one that’s fine too, but I’m equally as happy to just jump on the Eurostar and head to Paris! ( I’m not fussy! ) I’m a big fan of the ‘Princess meets her handsome Prince’ scene and what better place to experience that than by tying the knot at the ‘happiest place on earth!’.


London Weddings. In the past, I haven’t tended to venture into the big city too much but I have a feeling that might change this year!  Some of the most exclusive, beautiful inner city venues including The Savoy, Kensington Palace and some of the old libraries would make the most perfect backdrop for bridal shots. I’m also a massive fan of the ‘typically London’ big red buses and quaint ‘tea party’ style  weddings that we are seeing so much more of now. If you’re getting married anywhere unusual or special around our lovely London city then I’d love to be a part of that!


Rainbow hair. I love hair that is any kind of un natural colour. I really do. Pink, green, blue- whatever! The more colour combinations the better! It looks amazing twisted into an intricate updo or braided –  I could literally play for hours! Even if it’s just for the purposes of a shoot , or simply with the intention of making me happy – if you fancy giving me free reign on your colourful locks then we need to talk!


I’m sure as the months pass there will be plenty more requests that I could add to this list so I’ll leave it at that for now. If you can help with any of them be sure to drop me a message. Weddings simply don’t have to be traditional anymore. Although there is something really special about a classic, timeless bride – please be warned – if that’s not who you are then don’t try and fit yourself into the mould just for that one day because you feel like it’s what you ‘should’ be doing. Your wedding day should be a reflection of the two of you, the things you love, shared with the people who love you. If that means you’re eating takeaway pizza on picnic rugs– amazing!  If you’re drinking home made cocktails in mums back garden – brilliant! If you have the most amazing champagne reception on one of the worlds tallest buildings – wow! If you make your day personal, and remember that it really is all about the two of you – nothing else- then you simply can’t go wrong! ( And don’t let anyone convince you otherwise! )


I cant wait to hear your ideas! ( I’m off back to my chocolate…! )


Elmley Nature Reserve Kent – Bridal Hair and Make Up

Elmley Nature Reserve Kent – Bridal Hair and Make Up

Thursday Throwback – Ellie’s Wedding at Elmley Nature Reserve 


Erm…..where do I start?!  This wedding at Elmley Nature Reserve in Kent was all kinds of WOW. Seriously, these images are only a small small snippet of the fabulous collection from Steven at Duntons Photography which captured Ellie and Mikes day beautifully! 

As a Kent bridal hair and make up artist I’ve seen some wonderful venues but this one really took my breath away. Elmley Nature reserve  really is something else. Driving down the venue is almost like driving onto a film set. The scenery is truly breathtaking and it made the perfect natural backdrop for this rustic style wedding. 

I was so excited to have Ellie as a bride. Not only was she a lovely person but her hair was nothing short of AMAZING! All her own too, so no extensions were needed to help create this stunning ‘tail’ style.


A selection of wraps, twists and braid – Ellies bridal hair is definitely up there with my favourite styles from 2018! The gorgeous red colour enhanced every fold and the contrast between that and the white flowers we added made the style really come to life.



For Ellie’s bridal make up we decided to keep things natural and flawless, perfectly complimenting her theme and surroundings for the day itself. Airbrush Make up allowed me to give coverage without making her look too heavily made up. Her eyes stand out beautifully and by using a selection of warm and neutral tones we were able to really make them pop. 

For the lips we used a popular nude “mehr’ by Mac which holds a slightly pink tone. A flushed complexion with added highlight ( illamasqua OMG – a firm favourite of mine! ) finished off Ellie’s bridal glow. 



For the bridesmaids I used warm pink and nude tones alongside a base of airbase, airbrush make up. Airbrush is such a popular choice with my bridal parties as not only does it look flawless and photograph beautifully but it really does last all day. Ellie was lucky enough to have the perfect weather and the light, bright and glowing tones that finished the bridesmaids look really encompassed the whole feel of the authentic, natural fun of the day. 

And just because I seriously couldn’t select ‘just a few’ of these fabulous images I’ve added on a few more for you to take a look at and enjoy! Thankyou so much Ellie for having me, it was a real pleasure to transform your hair into the bridal vision you had dreamt of! 


If you’re reading this and you’re looking for a bridal hair and make up artist and would like to discuss your ideas for your own wedding then please do get in touch


I look forward to hearing from you


Katie x