32 ways to wear your wedding hair half up

32 ways to wear your wedding hair half up

If you love a half up hair style then prepared to be inspired! 


Below you will find just a small selection of some of the half up hairstyles that I’ve created. A complete selection of everything from short to long, twists and braids to slick and chic! All kids of flowers, accessories, waves and curls covering every wedding theme from elegant to undone and everything else in between! 


Now I make no secret of the fact that when I first started I loathed half up hair. Every time someone requested it a little bit of me inside would scream ‘Nooo!’ . There was so much more fun and interesting styles to select – why would you go for something so basic?! 




I quickly realised there was no getting away from it. Half up hair wasn’t going anywhere so I had no choice but to embrace it! I’d make myself practice, challenge myself silently in my head to adapt and create something more exciting to me than just the standard request. As time went on I started to fall in love with the half up request and even found myself suggesting it for brides who were keen to keep some of their hair around their shoulders.

A lot of brides choose half up hair as they consider it to be typically ‘bridal’. That certainly doesn’t have to be the case. There are a million ways we can vary your hair to ensure that your half up hair selection is a real reflection on you and totally bespoke. Some brides choose to add accessories, pins, combs, tiaras – even flowers and more recently – flower crowns. Todays bridal parties bring everything about half up hair totally up to date with the addition of texture, waves, curls and even crimping! 

It’s not only a great bridal hair style choice but perfect for bridesmaids too. You can make it look as soft and undone as you like or bring in a boho vibe by adding flowers and pulled out twists. The possibilities are endless and I can now honestly say…




Have a look at some of the 32 examples I’ve posted below. And thats not all…..


Theres even more on my instagram page so feel free to pop over there and have a search for even more totally bespoke half up hair inspo for your big day!

Before and After

Before and After

Why I don’t always post a before and after …


Now let me just say that just because I don’t always post one – doesn’t mean I’m not taking them. I have over 40,000 images on my phone ( true fact! )  so theres definitely a few lurking in there! Usually ill take one to show my bride or client so they can see just what difference has been made when my work is finished. Its sometimes quite daunting to trust someone with how you look, and how you want to look on your wedding day and Its often easier to look at yourself in a photo, rather than just stare at your new reflection in a mirror .


Some ladies simply don’t feel confident without their make up so a ‘before’ shot can be quite a scary thing. I can totally respect that and It’s ok to tell me that you’d like to keep that private.  I love showing off pictures of my work on my website and social media but only if you’re ok with that.  People love to see a transformation but more than that people like to see brides and bridal parties that look comfortable and happy.


Chances are that most people are going to say they look a little ‘better’ after spending hours in the chair and that a good thing. It’s a make up artist job to work with what you already have – your skin colours, textures and face shape – to create something that you think is even more beautiful and enhanced than your make up free natural self. That’s why they call us make up artists. Its an art. We are trained to know which colours will open your eyes and which shade will make your lips look fuller. Make up is really about enhancing peoples natural beauty, not altering it. I always stress to my brides to be that the point of your wedding make up isn’t to change you completely. It isn’t to confuse everyone as you walk in and make them question whether its really you as your glide down the aisle.  It’s meant to be you, glowing from the inside because you know that you look your absolute best on the outside.

Make up is really the most amazing thing. Some people can look totally transformed with just a few carefully applied products. For example, maybe its mum who hasn’t worn make up since her own wedding 30 years ago, or maybe it’s the bridesmaid who has an uneven skin tone but isn’t quite sure what to use to correct it.  I might be the one giving you a makeover but what I’m really giving you is confidence.  If you know you look good then you’ll feel good too. You’ll want to show it off. You’ll want people to see what you see –  which is just how beautiful you really are ( even though we are all far too modest to ever admit that out loud! ).


So whether you appreciate a ‘before and after’ or whether the thought of going make up free in front of the camera makes you shudder inside, know that you are not alone! It’s great to see just what a difference a true artist can make ,  and pictures are a great way to showcase that but no one has to ‘prove’ how pretty they are to anyone.  Everyone is different, unique and beautiful. You’re an individual, and no amount of temporary product can ever define that!

If you’re after some inspiration be sure to check out my instagram page here 


Katie x 


Why I take a booking fee

Why I take a booking fee

So what’s a booking fee? And why do I take one?


Once you’ve made contact and decided that you’d like to use me for your hair and make up on your wedding day ill send you across a personalised quote with details of how to pay your booking fee. Some people might call this a deposit payment or ‘down payment’ but essentially what you’re doing is making a payment to reserve and secure your date as stated upon your booking form.


Think about it like this –  Would you find your dream venue, check that they have your date available and then send out all your invites just hoping that it will be ok for your and your guests to turn up on the day without making a payment to ensure that they will cater for you all ?! Why would they?! And yet that’s what some people do with their hair and make up artist.  To me it would be crazy to take such a risk with something as important and how you will look on one of the biggest day of your life but some people don’t ensure that their booking is secure and can end up disappointed.


I always take a booking fee. Sometimes brides will ask why I do this or what it really means so I’ve outlined some of my reasons below:


  1. I’m a professional business. Bridal hair and make up is what I do. It’s my ‘real’ job – It’s not just a hobby or a bit of extra cash, its how I pay my bills and It’s important that I run things properly and professionally. I need to know where I’m working and when , how much is coming in and going out so I can plan properly and make sure I can deliver the excellent service you deserve on your big day.


  1. Your Peace of mind. You know you have made and secured a booking. You know that Ill be turning up and what time. You don’t need to worry that ill change my mind, or go and do something else rather than turn up for you! The amount of last minute messages I get from brides who have thought they had ‘booked’ an artist, only to receive a message the week before their wedding that they ‘cant do it now- sorry! ‘ is crazy. As much as I wish I could help them all – sadly I cant and there are some brides left scouring around for anyone and everyone who’s left . Professional, talented and popular stylists can get booked anywhere up to 3 years in advance so don’t hesitate if you’ve found the person that you want to join you on your wedding morning.


  1. I only book one wedding per day. Once I receive your booking fee then I know that I can turn away other brides for that date because its yours. I do this for a number of reasons. Its YOUR day. Its MY job to make you feel like the most important person and that cant happen if I’m watching the clock or wanting to leave to get somewhere else. On your wedding day, you are my number one priority, and being invited to join you on such a special day is a real honour. Ill be there right until the final moments, making sure every hair is in place and that your make up is perfect as you head off down the aisle.



Every stylists booking process may differ but I personally take 25% of your final balance as your booking fee. This is then deducted from your final balance which is due 4 weeks before the big day itself. It’s at this time also that we will confirm your schedule for the morning, discuss any details and make any arrangements or plans. You’ll find that most suppliers take payment around this time and it saves the hassle and confusion of trying to take organise money on the day. The wedding morning is an event in itself. It’s your opportunity to relax, enjoy and get excited for the events of the day as they start to unfold. It’s your time to have fun with your bridal party and enjoy your last few hours as a Miss, stress free !

If you’d like me to provide you with a personalised quote for your big day then click here to get in touch . Im already almost fully booked for Summer 2020 so don’t hold back if you’ve set your date and want to book!


Katie x 

Planning your Wedding Hair and Make up

Planning your Wedding Hair and Make up

Top Tips for Planning your Wedding Hair and Make Up 


It’s simply not as easy as just ‘finding someone’ to do your wedding hair and make up. There are so many fabulous and talented artists out there and trust me when I say – they get booked up! If you’ve found someone you like then make sure you secure your date with them. Like myself, most artists will only work with one bridal party per day to ensure that you really do get their undivided attention ( just as you should! ) Get in there as early as you can because you don’t want to risk missing out!

Here’s 5 things for you to consider so you can be well prepared for your wedding day hair and make up decisions:

  1. Start looking at ideas

 Whether it’s social media or flicking through wedding magazines – whatever your preference – start to gather some ideas as to what you like. Chances are you’ll be drawn to a certain type of look, or perhaps you’ll keep coming back to a particular type of hair style. Eevne if everything you look at is slightly different start to gather and collect ideas ( even if its just as screenshots on your phone) so you have a starting point when it comes to explaining what it is you’re after.

  1. Think about your accessories

If you know you want to include mums veil, or you absolutely need to incorporate the hair slide you fell in love with from the bridal shop, then make sure you look for styles using similar accessories so you can see a realistic representation of how these might alter what you want. There are always options so if there’s something you love that really must be a part of your day then it’s really handy if you have it ready to trial at the preview session.

  1. Think about what you don’t want

Sometimes brides think this is a starnge questions for me to ask but its one of the most important. If I know what you DON’T want and DON’T like then I can be sure that I steer clear! For example, if you really hate your ears and want them covered ( a very popular request! ) then tell me!

  1. Book your date in

Preview session dates fill fast! If you want a specific date/time or want it to coincide with a certain event etc then make sure you let me know. It doesn’t matter if you book it in 6 month in advance but the earlier you let me know the more chance I will be able to accommodate.

  1. Be open minded

Lots of brides come with a ‘ Do whatever you want’ attitude. A preview session is your chance to be brave. Try that lipstick, give it a go with curls – whatever! It’s your time to really play around with your look and see what you want for your big day. I always encourage my brides to try something that they perhaps normally wouldn’t. If it doesn’t work then at least you’ve discounted it and you won’t be left with that ‘what if’ regret afterwards!


These tips are just a few of the important points to consider ( amongst the three thousand other wedding related things you have on your mind! So many brides have no clue what they want for their big day and if you’re one of them , then please don’t panic. Figuring it out with you is half the fun! Be sure to keep an eye on my facebook and instagram pages so you can get inspired with all my latest creations and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about what you’re after.