Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Kate at All Saints Church, West Dulwich

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Kate at All Saints Church, West Dulwich

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Kate at All Saints Church, West Dulwich

I’ve known Kate a long time, infact we used to get the same bus to school together from the age of 12 so it was really exciting to be asked to help her get ready for her wedding day! I love to hear all of the stories about how my brides and grooms met and Kate found the man of her dreams thousands of miles away in Australia….

Cameron and I met in a pub in rural South Australia in 2011. I was travelling there and he had a trip to London booked, we kept in touch, did LOTS of backwards and forwards between our homes and in 2014 I emigrated to Australia. We were engaged two years later.

Full name:  Katie England (Curling)
Wedding Date: 15th July 2017
Venue: All Saints Church and Dulwich College, West Dulwich
Photographer: Graham Scott

My wedding style was….

laid back with some fancy elements. 

My wedding hair was…..

A relaxed up-do, mainly to show the back of the dress! I’m not really a fan of having my hair up but at the same time, it’s very fine so I didn’t want something down going limp!! It honestly looked beautiful, very very secure but didn’t look caked in product at all! I felt so confident and had so many compliments!

My wedding make up was….

The best version of me! A slightly smokey eye and a little colour on the lip. It was so light to wear but stayed and I felt so beautiful!

My dress was…

“Nashville” by Jenny Peckham. It was divine! I was quite open to trying lots of styles but this ended up being the first and only place I visited, and the second dress I tried! I knew it was the one and the girls there were so helpful both on the trial day and communicating with me from Australia.

My shoes…

“Chiara” by Sophia Webster, I loved them! Wore them the whole day, the next day for the recovery and then our party back here!

The thing I love most about my wedding day was….

Seeing our worlds colliding, 30 of our friends and Cameron’s family travelled to London for the day, some had never left the country before! Having them all in one place and interacting like they’d known each other for years was so special. Obviously marrying Cameron was good too!

My venue was perfect because…..

Its’ a stunning church  and it’s also where my parents and sister were married, so we have a long family connection.

My favourite photo was….

Can I choose two?! Firstly, just the ones of us making our vows, crying and laughing all at the same time!
The second would be one of our friend in the church, holding his phone up as he was streaming it back to our friends in Australia who couldn’t make it and were having a ‘Wedding Dinner Party’!

I chose Katie because, having known her from school and following her progress on Facebook and Instagram, I knew I wanted someone who I could trust and be able to easily communicate with from the other side of the world. She made everything in those early stages very easy and was the obvious choice. The trial, the day, nothing was stressful…I just had total faith in her abilities and it was all so fun!

If I could give other brides one piece of advice it would be…. Things work out! And anything that doesn’t, you won’t notice or will laugh about! Anyone there to judge your day, shouldn’t be there!

These beautiful pictures are from the lovely Graham Scott Photography ( thanks graham! ) and thank you so much Kate for sharing your wonderful day!

NHS Win your wedding

NHS Win your wedding

NHS Win your wedding

So with everyone still in lockdown due to COVID – 19 a lot of small wedding businesses like myself, have found themselves unable to be a part of what they love the best about their job – the actual wedding day itself!

As a Kent wedding hair and make up artist my job is to join the bride for the duration of her wedding morning and get her ready for walking down the aisle and the most amazing day that follows. With weddings unable to take place, a lot of my brides have opted to move their dates meaning that some are having to wait another year – maybe even two , to make their dream day a reality.

A wedding day isn’t just the chance to get ‘married’. It’s the chance to really celebrate your love, it’s a day where families come together and it’s the opportunity for your nearest and dearest to enjoy a massive milestone in your life alongside you. We wanted to give the chance for someone really special to have all of that, and who more special and more deserving at this current time than a member of the NHS.


We all know that at the moment the real superheros are our NHS, the ones who are working hard to ensure that people are supported through illness at this time. They are the ones having to go off to work, leaving their families at home, unable to see friends, and with the added concern on top of all that, that they might just be risking their own life to help patients cope with theirs. Every single one of them deserves recognition for the fantastic service the NHS are showing to us all at the moment. So many people are doing whatever they can to show their appreciation, and we wanted to be able to do something too.


And that’s why a group of Kent Wedding suppliers, myself included, have decided that we want to give something back. We have come together to offer one lucky couple a completely free wedding day. And what a day it’s shaping up to be! With over 45 suppliers donating their services, products and time in order to be able to gift the most wonderful wedding day worth in excess of £31,000!

Applications will open shortly and to apply, one member of the couple need to be working for the NHS ( Kent Trust ).


Seriously, when I say free wedding day I really do mean 100% FREE wedding day. All of the Kent suppliers participating are offering their part in the day at no cost. Our way of showing our appreciation and giving back to the NHS teams in Kent who have given so much for us.


As soon as applications are open then full instruction on how to apply will be posted. In the mean time you can head over to the website and take a look at just some of the amazing offering from a variety of Kent wedding suppliers. We’ve got everything covered – from hair to canapés, from music to magic … and more!


Co-ordinated by Lou Finn from Bake to the future ( check out her cakes! ) 40+ of Kent’s finest wedding suppliers are on board, donating their services, products and time at no cost. You can see a full list over on the website and I’ve included just a few to get you excited below…

Bake to the future:

Valley view alpaca farm :

Ice cream:


Wedding Planner:



Wedding celebrant:

Wedding day Photography:

And that’s not even all! Check out the full listing on the website to see them all We’ve got Magic, Makeup, Gliiter bar, Favour boxes, Cake toppers, Engagament shoots, Rock the front photo sessions, , Invites, Children’s Teepees, Flowers, a Toastmaster – even hen and stag do’s!

It’s shaping up to be quite a day! And certainly one I’m very proud to be a part of. Make sure you tell everyone you know who’s currently working hard for the NHS and help us share a little bit of love for our NHS heros!

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Bride: Jenny
Venue: The Old Kent Barn, Kent
Photographer: David Fenwick

As a preferred supplier at The Old Kent Barn, I’m lucky enough to visit regularly in order to get brides ready for their big day. The dressing room is a large private area that the bridal party have to themselves for the duration of the morning and it’s the perfect space to spend your last few hours as a ‘Miss’ . When I met Jenny I just knew that her wedding morning was going to be great fun. She was bubbly, friendly and just so excited! It was a real pleasure to be part of such a memorable morning with her bridal crew and definitely one of those days that certainly doesn’t feel anything like work!

As you can see from the pictures, Jenny wasn’t one to take herself too seriously….! I love that her laughing and genuine delight is totally visible within her images and whenever I look at these photos I can still hear Jenny’s infectious giggle!

Jenny’s make up was bridal glam. We added lashes for a more dramatic eye effect and gave her full coverage, flawless skin using airbrush make up. The pink tones we added to her cheeks and lip gave a fresh looking, typically ‘bridal’ glow and liquid highlighter made sure that her skin subtly highlighted yet illuminated.

Jenny went for a high bun, twisted up do. I created this look using a series of ponytails to secure the style and curling the hair in various directions. I then placed the curls across the crown section and added a tiara to finish. When choosing an up do for your wedding hair, the correct balance is a really important aspect. You want the style to be the right shape so that the style remains flattering no matter what angle you are photographed from. I kept the hair full of volume to ensure that the style didn’t appear harsh or tight, using a wax spray to add shine and secure the folds as I went along.
For Jenny this style perfectly suited her face shape and frame, and her long side parted fringe sweeping around her face gave us an extra bit of softness to the finished look too.

Thank you to David Fenwick for these lovely images of such a happy bride and a big thank you to Jenny for choosing me as a part of her wedding morning

How to get the perfect wedding hair

How to get the perfect wedding hair

How to get the perfect wedding hair

Ok so the seasons aren’t always kind… to our hair that is. And it’s not ideal if you’re on a journey to the perfect wedding hair. You want to ensure that your hair looks as good as possible on the wedding day whatever the weather so here’s a few things you can do yourself to keep your hair looking and feeling in top condition….

Don’t rub with a towel.

By jumping out the shower and frantically rubbing your soaking wet hair with a rough towels you’re actually stressing it out! Instead make sure you remove as much excess water as you can by wringing your hair gently before you get out of the shower or bath, then pat dry your hair before you apply any products.

Hair oils.

Perfect for all sorts of hair woes including dryness, frizz and even shine. By adding a hair oil you’re giving back some of the goodness that every day styling can take out from your hair. Whatever brand you use then follow the instructions and be sure to only use a small amount – a little goes a long way. Don’t apply to the root area but concentrate on the mid lengths and ends for the best results.

Hair mask.

Try and incorporate a hair make into your weekly beauty regime.Even just five minutes a week whilst you shave your legs can really make a difference. Dependant on your own hair type, use a mask that combats any problems you might be having. If your hair feels a little dry then a moisture mask can help give it a little dose of love and you’ll notice a difference almost immediately.

Blo dry down the hair shaft.

Basically, your hair will sit and look nicer if it’s been blo dried so the cuticle can lay flat. Simply put, rather than just blasting your hair in every direction try to apply the air to your hair in the direction you want it to fall. Start at the top of your head near the roots and blo dry section by section,  runningthe hairdryer from your roots,  down your hair to the ends.

Use a toothbrush or mascara wand for flyaways.

This is a little trick that will help you keep all those baby hairs and flyaways at bay. Spray some hairspray directly onto a new clean toothbrush or mascara wand and ‘brush’ your hair gently into place.

Be gentle when it’s wet!

When you hair is wet it’s in its most fragile state so if you’re not careful you can end up adding to any breakage. Don’t use a thin comb to rake through your knots when your hair is wet, instead use a wide tooth comb or a tangle teezer to ensure that you’re brushing gently, section by section.

Brush from the bottom.

So many people will insert their hairbrush to the top of the hair and pull down. By doing it this way you’re applying tension, not to mention coming to a quick halt if you encounter any knots. Instead, start from the bottom and work upwards. This was you’re ensuring that by the time you reach the top your brush will simply glide throughout the length of your hair from root to tip.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Not only will it be kind to your hair but it’s also said that it will help prevent wrinkles too. As if we need any more reason?!

Give it one more day.

So here it is, you’re excuse to press snooze just one more time and give yourself an extra ten minutes in bed! Instead of washing your hair as often as you do, try and give it that one more day where possible. The natural oils your hair produce help nourish both your hair and scalp so reach for the dry shampoo and style yourself a to knot for just one more day…Link to you tube tutorial

Keep on top of your trims – every 6 – 8 weeks.

I promise you us hairdressers don’t just tell you this so you can come back and pay is more, it honestly is in the best interests of your hair to get it cut every 6-8 weeks. And that rule applies even when you’re growing it. Regular trims will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and remove any dead or split ends that can hinder your hair growth.  Trust us!

Product wise, there’s a product for every hair type and its important you figure out what your own hair needs in order to make an informed decision about what to buy. One suggestion I can make is a professional treatment you might have heard of called Olaplex.  This treatment actually repairs hair bonds, ensuring that your hair is fixed from the inside.  It’s a step by step process that can be added to your usual colouring service to ensure minimal damage and stress to your hair, or even as a stand alone treatment to give your hair a little bit of extra love and attention. Ask your hairdresser who will be able to help youand give you more details, even provide you with some products such as shampoo and conditioner from the Olaplex range to use at home in order to keep your hair in the very best condition.

When it comes to your wedding hair, healthy hair is always a great place to start.  Whatever style you choose, hair that’s in good condition will be more manageable and look so much nicer than hair that’s  dry or damaged.  If you’d like some more details on how to get your hair ready for the big day then take a look at my wedding hair checklist. I’ve created this to provide you with an outline and give you my own suggestion about what you can do to achieve the most perfect wedding hair!

Hope this helps!

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Lynn at Leeds Castle Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Lynn at Leeds Castle Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Lynn at Leeds Castle, Kent

Bride: Lynn
Venue: Leeds Castle
Photographer: Olly Knight Photography

Leeds Castle is known as ‘the loveliest castle in the world’. It is the most beautiful backdrop for your wedding and the perfect setting for your dream day. The Castle itself is grand and majestic and rich in history , having once been home to Queen Catherine of Aragon. Nowadays the Castle is now a popular tourist attraction and a much sought after wedding venue, so its easy to see why Lynn chose to hold her day here.

Lynn opted for a classic bridal look. She wanted a natural make up look and a relaxed half up half down hair style.

Her long dark hair was curled to give the effect of loose waves. I used a salt spray to prep the hair before curling and added backcombing to the crown area to give slight volume to the top of her hair. When curling it’s important to ensure that your brides curls will last the duration of her day so the right prep is essential so that she’s not left with hair looking flat come the evening.
I swept Lynn’s hair away from her face and across her ears, leaving a side part. This allowed the hair to be structured but relaxed, providing a base for the veil which we then added into the back of the hair. The fringe sections were left free and fixed with a light hold hairspray to allow movement around the front to frame her face.

Lynn’s make up was light and fresh in tone. I used airbrush make up to spray a light base for that perfect finish. Airbrush make up is a HD technique, meaning that make up applies and sits perfectly, especially important when a bride is going to be captured on film.
I used a soft peach blush, MAC Melba, to enhance Lynn’s warm skin tone and brighten her cheeks. I highlighted with a golden tone, and one of my favourite products from Illamsqua OMG. We finished with a soft and natural pink lip and black waterproof mascara.

Thank you for having me on your big day Lynn, and thank you to Olly Knight for these beautiful photos.