A Classic Bride –

A Classic Bride –

Some things never go out of fashion… Thursday Throwback, a classic bridal hair and make up look 


Well, at least thats what they say isn’t it?! I’m not totally convinced that thats always the case ( think shell suits and neon PVC scrunchies! ) but there are certainly a few things I can think of that back up this rule and classic bridal hair and make up is one of them.


Traditionally, when someone comments that they want a ‘classic’ look they mean natural, glowing, dewy, flawless….(you get where I’m going with this!!) They mean that they want something elegant and timeless, something that looks ‘like them’ and not a fashion or fad decision.

Most brides understand that on their wedding day they need to look like their usual self, only enhanced. It’s not every day you have a hair and make up artist on hand, professionally trained to create the perfect look for you is it! ( Not unless you’re a celebrity or just extremely lucky! ) Although you want to make the most of their skills and expertise its important to trust your artist when they tell you that they don’t need to make you appear ‘different.’

So many of my brides want to try something that they don’t normally go for and I encourage that 100%. However, when I’ve created the beautiful updo that you thought you wanted because it looked so lovely on the picture you’ve shown me from pinterest, and you realise actually that you hate your ears and this style leaves them really exposed – to the point it makes you hunch your shoulders in an attempt to hide them – then I can tell we have a problem! This isn’t to say that you can’t have this beautiful style, we just need to make a few tweaks and you need to be open to the fact that actually, to make this style work for you we need to adapt it slightly.

What I would describe as a  ‘classic’ look would be what we went for here, with my beautiful bride Becky. A low gathered chignon at the nape of her neck with a little added height shows off her face and features beautifully. A swept fringe and side part adds softness whilst the curls are something that she perhaps wouldn’t always do herself. Her make up was kept ‘classic’ and natural, highlighting her beautiful bone structure with subtle use of light and shade. We enhanced her eyes with lashes to really make them stand out and we used soft and muted eyeshadow to carve out the shape of her eyes. 

It’s been years since Becky married the lovely Danny at High Rocks , Kent and yet still her elegant and timeless style is one I’m asked about over and over again. It was all captured beautifully by Hollie Carlin, a female Kent based wedding photographer who is simply fantastic at taking natural, light photos ( be sure to check her out! ) 

If you’re still not sure on your ‘look’ then a preview session is the best way to try out a few ideas and help you gain a bit of clarity on what you might like for your big day. if you want to chat then please do give me a call – I’m always at the end of the phone if you need a chat! 



Boho Brides and Festival Vibes !

Boho Brides and Festival Vibes !

A summer shoot at Beach Hut Wedding,

Herne bay – Thursday Throwback! 


I can’t believe it’s been almost a whole year since this shoot took place. I was so excited to learn that there was a new Kent Wedding Venue opening in Herne bay, and even more excited to learn that not only was this going to be a beach wedding venue , but it actually sat directly at the end of Herne bay Pier! 


The venue itself is suitable for intimate ceremonies, licensed and tastefully decorated in keeping with the surrounding seaside theme. The views, as you can imagine from the end of a pier are simply amazing and the photo opportunities are endless! We headed down for a shoot, organised by myself, in an attempt to capture a couple of variations on the bridal style that this fab new venue might just appeal to.

My first model, The gorgeous Katherine was my boho bride. With braids in her hair, her blonde half up , half down do was a modern take on a festival style bride. This type of style works great in long hair and the different blondes were shown off perfectly. I added accessories from Lorna Green Tiara ( available to view here http://www.greentiara.co.uk ) . The dress, from Country Brides  was a fitted , elegant fishtail style.

For the make up, I added a pop of colour to her lips and ensured she had a flawless base that could withstand the heat and sunshine by using airbase , airbrush make up. This is my go to for brides, a guaranteed flawless finish and photo ready product that ensures their skin looks perfect in every light.

My second model Laura, wore a much more vintage style. I placed a deep part and side swept hollywood wave in her naturally red hair, coupled with a red lip to give her the glam, timeless appeal.( Accessories and dress as above ). 

These photos were taken by Simon Hawkins Weddings , take a look and get inspired! If anyone is planning their own beach wedding in kent then be sure to stop by the Beach Hut to check it out! 



Bridal Hair and Make up – Flower Crowns

Bridal Hair and Make up – Flower Crowns

Thursday Throwback – The beautiful Hannah

Flower crowns are easily one of my favourite things from 2018. Fact. I love the simplicity, the romance and the sheer ‘pretty-ness’ that flowers bring and I love it when a bride tells me that she wants use them in her hair style! I certainly don’t need telling twice! Sometimes my brides ask me for advice as to what type of flowers they should get or what they need to look for and my answer is always the same…”Just pick whatever you love and we will make it work.”  Individual flowers are great scattered throughout a style, some ladies like to wear a ‘cluster’ of flowers in place of a side comb or hair accessory and others opt for my ultimate favourite – a flower crown! 

 Hannah was a beautiful bride. You can see from the image above , taken by the lovely Kirsty at photographybykirsty,  that she looked the epitome of elegance. She opted for a complete up style, showing off the high neckline of her dress, simple and elegant. Often brides think that in order to wear flowers in their hair they need to be boho and hippy, getting married in a  field with glitter on the face…. As cool as that would most definitely be ( call me if this is you – we need to talk – I want to be at your wedding! ) ,  it’s certainly not always the case.

Hannah complimented her bouquet with her choice of crown and having both aspects of flower details really brought her entire look together.  For her make up we kept it natural and glowing, the typical flawless bridal look. Soft and feminine – the flushed pinks and neutral warm tones really lifted her features and gave her that ‘wedding day radiance’! .

If you’re talking with your florist about creating something with fresh flowers with your wedding hair in mind then theres a couple of things you’ll want to consider:

  1. Open flowers are better. they sit flatter to the head and can be easily manipulated into shape. Rose ‘buds’ are so pretty but they will sit ‘out’ from the head.
  2. Leave the stems long. Its much easier for myself and any hair professional to work with long stems, giving us something to weave through your hairstyle ensuring that it’s really secure.
  3. Will they wire them for you? Some florists are more than happy to add wire to the offcuts of your flowers in order for them to be bent and twisted into the hair. this is great as it adds that little bit of extra security and saves me using quote so many pins!


So if you’re looking at styles for your big day and you really like the idea of flowers then we should talk! Flowers can be added to any style so whatever you want – even if you’re not sure how it would work – don’t be disheartened! It’s amazing what we can do with a little imagination!

And who says flowers are reserved just for the bouquets anyway!? !


Katie x 

What hair will suit my dress?! Top Tips by Pretty Please by Katie

What hair will suit my dress?! Top Tips by Pretty Please by Katie

‘What hair will suit my dress?’… Has to be probably the most asked question by any brides contacting me about their big day…

So, I’ve put together a few pointers to help you decide….

What type of dress have you gone for?

A preview session with me is an ideal time to show me pictures of your dress. Not only do I love to see what everyone has gone for but it also really helps when were putting together your hair and make up look. By seeing your dress I am able to see what ‘type’ of bride you are wanting to be. Anything and everything from a show stopping princess gown to a classic lace fitted fishtail…every one is different. Some people might wear the same style of dress and wear it in such a way that it’s a completely different look to the way someone else has done it. One important thing to take into consideration about your dress in regards to your hair is the neckline.

What type of neckline?

A high neckline might be better suited to a higher upstyle, giving the illusion of a longer neck and elegance, whilst a structured dress that falls away at the back might compliment long flowing curls and movement. I always ask my brides to come along to their preview session armed with photos of styles they have seen that they like. You don’t need to know why you like them, they don’t need to be of someone with similar colour hair to yours – as long as you are drawn to them because they resemble what being a ‘bride’ means to you then have them prepared!

What type of wedding are you having?

This question is really important. Do you really want all your hair down if you’re planning on being outside all day playing garden games? There is an element of practicality when it comes to some styles. If you know you’re going to be hitting the dance floor hard then we certainly need to be thinking about a solid structure thats not going anywhere despite the dancing!

What do you usually like/ dislike?

You’d be surprised at what conclusions we can come to from having a consultation session about your likes and dislikes! So many time I will hear that ‘ I don’t like my ears, i don’t like it pulled all off my face’ etc. Just because you’re a bride doesn’t mean you should feel like you have to look a certain way or choose a certain style. Much like your dress and every aspect of your wedding day – your ‘look ‘ is a reflection of you. 

What about make up too?

Your make up and hair should work together, they should compliment each other. If you’re going fo a glamorous 50’s style with a classic red lip, pink hair glitter and braid probably isn’t going to ‘fit’. At the preview session we can work together to create a mix of all your favourite bits but make sure that they all work together. Thats the great thing about being able to offer both hair and make up. Im in complete control of knowing what goes, what compliments, and what it takes to make you look good!

Even at a hair trial, If you have a favourite lipstick, bring that too – even a favourite photo of yourself on a night out where you think you look good- I want to see it all! I also ask brides to bring along any accessories that they have already purchased that they plan on wearing. Don’t worry if you don’t have any yet – its not essential, and some people like to decide on the style first and then work around that. Some brides even have something special, maybe some type of material or heirloom that they want to incorporate into their finished look and that’s fine too.  If you can imagine it, then we can create it!

Can I still have a veil?

Yes. Without question, regardless of style if you want to wear a veil then we can make it work. We might tweak a style slightly to incorporate it but you can certainly wear one if you want to – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 

If you’re in need of some inspiration then take a look through my gallery pages here . If you want to chat then get in touch – I love to talk ( in general really! ) but especially about all things ‘wedding!’

Speak soon


Katie x 

Supplier Spotlight – Light Of My Life

Supplier Spotlight – Light Of My Life

Sunday Supplier spotlight – Light of my Life

Light of my Life is a wedding hire ‘one stop shop’ based in Kent.

To put it simply – you absolutely need your name in lights for your wedding day and you didn’t even know it!  You also need stunning ( and not to mention huge ) blossom canopy trees to marry under and fairy lights….lots of them….


Seriously though, if this sounds like your kind of wish list the you need to check out www.lightofmylife.netand I can promise you – you will be in your element!


Sarah and David have been in the wedding business over a decade now so they certainly know their stuff when it comes to venue décor and dressing. As one of the most experienced wedding styling businesses in Kent  they can provide anything and everything you might need in order to transform your wedding venue for you. Whether it be a rustic barn or stylish hotel, their products are second to none and designed to wow everyone that walks into the room/venue/barn/field (!!!) .


Whether you want sequins, flowers, lights , backdrops, trees, props, sweet tables – the list , like the possibilities , is endless!


Familiar with many ( and most ) venues across the county and beyond, Sarah and David are able to offer advice and suggestion when it comes to what you need to stop your guests in their tracks and impress each and every one of them!


Sarah says ‘’ It’s so special to be chosen by a couple to be part of their wedding day. From initial meeting , through planning and then bringing their ideas to life on the actual day, it’s such a pleasure to be a part of.’


Based in the beautiful Kent countryside  they offer a free consultation which allows you to visit their showroom, by appointment , to discuss your own needs. They will then put together a bespoke wedding package for you, ensuring that all of the little details are covered for your big day.


What are you waiting for…?!


Facebook – Light of my Life Kent

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