Why ‘dirty’ hair is a no go!

Why ‘dirty’ hair is a no go!

Why 'dirty' hair on your wedding day is a no-go!

2018 May Jessica Toby

HHair f Maybe you’ve heard it said, or maybe ‘a hairdresser’ once told you, that it’s better for your hair to be ‘dirty’ to hold a hair style….


One of THE most important things when it comes to your wedding day hair, and even in preparation for your wedding hair preview session is that your hair is clean. 

Define ‘clean’

Clean hair doesn’t have to mean hair that has just been washed. Many brides like to wash their hair the night before their wedding day and that’s absolutley fine, providing you don’t add in any products ( unless you’ve been asked by your wedding hair stylist to do so) and your hair hasn’t got super greasy, oily or sweaty overnight.

Wedding morning hair washing

One of my most asked questions from brides is ‘Can I wash my hair on the morning of my wedding?’. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to do that, maybe for you it’s the ‘norm’ to wash your hair every morning, or maybe you simply wont feel ‘clean’ without doing it. You can absolutely wash your hair on the morning of your wedding, just make sure ( unless we have pre arranged blo dry services ) that it’s also dry and ready to be styled by the time I arrive 

If you leave your hair ‘dirty’

Hair that hasn’t been washed for a few days will have produced natural oils. For some people this might not even make much of a noticeable difference but for others it can be an absolute deal breaker. If your hair is weighted down with oils then it will give the impression that it looks ‘greasy’. This will make it harder to style and your own hair oils may not work in harmony with the products I apply. This can result in your hair looking sectioned or even wet, and can darken colour, change tone and even prevent lift and curling.


If you are in any doubt about how best to prepare for your hair session then please do just ask! You’ll find helpful advice on my blog, or even over on my Instagram page.  If you want me to answer a particular question then drop me a DM and i’ll be more than happy to let you know what you need in order to ensure your wedding hair style is a success! 


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Why ‘dirty’ hair is a no go!

5 things to ask your Wedding Hair Stylist

5 things to ask your wedding hair stylist

So you’re looking at countless instagram pages , searching for the perfect person to create your perfect wedding hair for you. Now you’ve found someone you like – what next? What do you ask them? How do you decide? Well, let me help! I’ve created this post to help you with 5 key questions that you can ask your wedding hair stylist to make sure that they’re the right person for you.

1. Availability 

I have lost count of the number of times that I’ve engaged with excited brides to be about how they want their wedding hair to look only to later have to tell them that their date isn’t available. Trust me this is just as upsetting for me as it is for you! If you find someone you think you like then the first question you ask should be ‘ Are you available for my date?’

2. Are these your own styles?

This is really important. When you visit my Instagram pages or my website all the work you see is my own. Wedding hair styles I have personally created. However, that isn’t always the case. Some stylists will use other peoples pictures and post them as ‘inspiration’, to capture brides attention. Some stylists will mention this in their instagram captions, something perhaps like ‘style inspired by x’) but some won’t. It’s fine to get inspiration from other artists but as a bride you need to know that the hair stylist you want for your wedding is personally able to create the type of style you like.

3. How can I best prepare?

Every stylist will want something slightly different. I provide my brides with advice on what I expect when it comes to being wedding hair ready on their big day. This includes clean, dry hair and having a space available for me to set up and work from with an electric socket.

4. Do you have any suggestions?

Don’t be afraid to ask. I love it when brides trust me enough to take on board the advice I can give them to enhance their wedding hair styles. Simple things like moving your partin or changing direction of your curl to give a different effect can make a huge difference when it comes to styling. Ask away! Years of experience and hundreds of hair styles mean that sometimes I can give you a few pointes on things that will really make sure that youre wedding hair look is exactly as you imagined.

5. What do you need from me?

Everyones booking process is different. The majority of suppliers, myself included, will not hold or reserve a date without a commitment, and that commitment comes in the form of an initial payment. This might be a set fee or a percentage of your total quote but either way if youve found the supplier you want to work with then make sure to reserve their services for your big day. If you’re not sure – just ask!


Hope that’s helpful! 


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