Choosing your wedding hair and make up artist

Choosing your wedding hair and make up artist

Choosing your wedding hair and make up artist

When it comes to choosing your wedding hair and make up artist you want to get things right. It’s important that you find someone who you like and trust to create your bridal vision exactly how you imagine it. With lots of artists offering different things I wanted to break down what I can offer so you have a really clear understanding of what to expect if you book me as you wedding hair and make up artist.

A professional, personal service

No two weddings are the same. No two hair styles or make up looks are the same and no two brides are the same either! When you book Pretty please by Katie for your wedding hair and make up you’re not just booking a business – you’re booking a person. I love what I do and I’ve put years of hard work into making sure I get it right for you on the most important day of your life! I want to play my part in ensuring that you look amazing and that you feel it too. I might ‘just style hair and apply make up’ but what I’m actually doing is so much more than that. I’m helping transform you into a bride. It takes a lot of trust to have the confidence in someone to create exactly what you want for your wedding day and it’s a privilege to be chosen to do that for you.


Now more than ever its important for people to know that they’re safe when it comes to booking services for their wedding day. I run my business professionally and I have all the necessary insurances in place to ensure that we are both protected at all times


I’ve been a wedding hair and make up artist for 7 years now. I’ve been to well over 500 weddings in that time and I’ve learnt a lot! For you this is probably the very first time you’ve ever experienced a wedding morning, and I take my role in that really seriously! Whether it’s helping to lace your dress or even make the coffee – when you book my services you’re booking me to be there for your entire wedding morning. I do everything I can to ensure that your morning runs smoothly, and one of the biggest compliments I get is when brides tell me that it was just like having another friend with them to help them get ready.

Booking process

I have a brochure I can send you which contains all the information you need in regards to making your booking. I provide a personalised quote detailing your costs and outline all of the prices and T & C ‘s from the very start. It’s really important that you understand what you’re booking and what you’re getting for your money. My prices don’t change depending on where you get married or what style you choose. You can be confident that there are no hidden charges and I only work with one bride per day to ensure you have my undivided attention – just as it should be!

Before the big day

You’ll be invited to attend a preview session so that we can have a trial run of your complete wedding hair and make up look. It’s at this session we will discuss all the details of your day, your likes and dislikes and exactly what you can expect on the day itself. We will organise timings and I’ll talk you through exactly what will happen when it comes to your big day. 

On the wedding morning

I’ll arrive at a pre arranged time and set up ready to work. I’ll tell you when it’s your turn to have your hair and make up service and I’ll be keeping n eye on the time so you don’t have to. Its important that you relax and enjoy your wedding morning as it’s an event in itself! I’ll help with whatever I can to ensure your wedding morning runs smoothly and offer you any guidance or advice should you need it.

After the wedding day

I often find myself wishing that I could do your wedding all over again! The wedding morning goes so fast and I really do enjoy the buzz of it all. After the wedding I’ll email you to ask for some feedback and maybe even a review. These really help me when it comes to making sure I’m doing everything right, and it also helps future brides when it comes to making the decision to book my services.  If you want to take a look at some testimonials from my previous brides then you can find them here XXX – addlink to about page with testimonials

If you do have any other questions or perhaps you’re thinking you’d like to book me for your big day then please do get in touch. As I mentioned I only work with one bride per day so if you have your date booked and would like me to join you then don’t delay!

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Natasha at Marleybrook House

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Natasha at Marleybrook House

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Natasha at Marleybrook House

You may recognise this bride from last months supplier spotlight feature. Natsah got married at the beautiful Marleybrook House last year and I just couldn’t resist sharing a few more of her pictures from the talented Emma Midgen Photography.

It’s clear to see just how much fun everyone had at this wedding and with a venue like Marleybrook there’s something for everyone! From vintage décor to fairground fun this venue has it all. Nestled in the beautiful Kent Countryside, Marleybrook is a hidden gem for those couples looking for a relaxed but truly impressive wedding day.

I got Natasha and her bridesmaids ready on site in the designated bridal studio. Fitted with long mirrors and a comfy seated area there’s plenty of room for the entire bridal party to sit together and chat whilst I make a start on the wedding hair and make up magic!

Natasha wore her long light brown hair up and off her neck. We wanted to go for something bridal but relaxed and by twisting each individual section I was able to create a flowing style that sat at the nape of her neck. We left some pieces free flowing around her face for an undone softness and added a cathedral length veil for a show stopping silhouette.

When it comes to make up a lot of brides tell me they want to look “like themselves …but on a really good day!’ I firmly believe that make up should be used to enhance your features not mask them and it’s important to me that when providing a wedding hair and make up service I stay true to the brides desired look. For Natasha she wanted something timeless and classic and we achieved this by enhancing her eyes and giving her a warming glow. I used airbase make up for the base, an option I offer to all of my brides as I know it photographs well and provides brides with the assurance that it really will last then the duration of the wedding day. 

When it comes to bridal lipstick it’s important to choose a shade that you not only feel comfortable wearing , but that looks how you want it to in the photographs. Natasha opted for a nude lipstick, applied generously, and with a tone that matched her natural lip colour. When choosing a nude lipstick for your wedding day it’s important that you choose something that doesn’t make your lips look smaller by blending them too closely to the colour of your skin.  If you want a few more tips when it comes to choosing your bridal lipstick then have a read of my previous wedding lipstick blog.

I’ve added a few more images of Natshas big day for you to enjoy below!

The perfect bridesmaid gift

The perfect bridesmaid gift

The perfect bridesmaid gift

If you’re looking for something to gift to your bridesmaids on your wedding morning then I’ve put together a few suggestions to help you. Lots of brides want to give their bridesmaids something special, something to keep and cherish long after the wedding day has passed. If you’re wondering what you can buy your bridesmaids then take a look at the list below…

Gift them their wedding hair and make up.

This is often overlooked but many brides foot the bill when it comes to wedding hair and make up for their bridal party.  If you want me to provide a ‘Gift Voucher’ then I’m more than happy to do so. This is an ideal way to let your bridesmaids know that on the wedding morning they’ll be given the chance to have their hair and make up done too!

Hair accessories

With so many bridesmaids opting to wear hair accessories to compliment their styles, the idea of gifting them a beautiful slide or a delicate hair vine for them to wear on the big day is a special one! Not only does it mean they have something special to wear on the wedding day itself, but also something that they can keep and treasure, and something they can reuse for special occasions afterwards too! Check out and use code PRETTY10 for a 10% discount on any of her stunning accessories!


Pre arrange with your wedding florist for your bridesmaids bouquets to be personalised. You could add a meaningful charm or message to their flowers which they can then keep. You could even arrange for their flowers to be preserved after the wedding. These could be dried, or even framed as a keepsake of your special day and their special role.

Personalised robes

When we’re getting ready on a wedding morning I’ll often ask the ladies to change into something that won’t disrupt their hair or make up when they take it off to get into their dress. A dressing robe is the perfect solution. It can be removed without going over the head and it’s really comfortable to lounge around in whilst you all get ready. Some brides order patterned or detailed robes so that everyone matches for the photographs, others will order personalised robes with names or wedding ‘duties’ on the back.  This is something that your bridesmaids can then keep to remind them of the day and something that they’re more than likely to use again!

A card

Gifts are lovely but there’s something really special about a handwritten card. Maybe write your favorite memory or add a personal message. Don’t underestimate the power of your kind words on a wedding morning – A little thought can go a long way!

Hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration and If you have any other bridesmaid gift suggestions then I’d love to hear them!