Expert Tips for Coordinating Your Wedding Hair and Dress

Expert Tips for Coordinating Your Wedding Hair and Dress

Expert Tips for Coordinating Your Wedding Hair and Dress

"Will My Wedding Hair Suit My Dress?” Expert Tips for a Perfectly Coordinated Bridal Look

As a bridal stylist, I am often asked by brides, “Will my wedding hair suit my dress?” It’s a crucial question because the right hairstyle can elevate your bridal look, while the wrong one can ruin it. Choosing a hairstyle that complements your dress requires consideration of several factors, including the dress style, neckline, fabric, and embellishments, as well as your personal style and comfort. Here are some essential tips to help you make the right decision.

Dress style and neckline

The style and neckline of your dress are important factors to consider when determining the perfect hairstyle. A ballgown with a high neckline may benefit from an elegant updo, while a sheath dress with a plunging neckline may look stunning with loose waves or a half-up, half-down style. A mermaid dress may call for a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle, while a bohemian dress may require a more natural and effortless look.

Fabric and embellishments

The fabric and embellishments on your dress can also play a role in deciding on a hairstyle. If your dress has intricate beading or lace detailing on the back, you may want to consider an updo that showcases this feature. A dress with a high neckline and a lot of detailing on the front may benefit from a hairstyle that doesn’t cover up too much of the dress’s intricate design.

Wedding venue

Your wedding venue can also influence your choice of hairstyle. If you’re getting married on the beach, you may want to opt for a more relaxed and natural hairstyle, such as beachy waves or a messy bun. However, if you’re having a formal wedding in a grand ballroom, an elegant up do may be more appropriate.

Personal Style and Comfort

Top of Form

PersonaIt’s also essential to take your personal style and comfort into consideration when deciding on a wedding hairstyle. If you’re someone who typically wears their hair down and feels uncomfortable with an updo, it’s best to go with a hairstyle that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Remember, it’s your day, and you want to feel like the best version of yourself.

So in answer to the question that Im often asked by my brides ‘’What type of hair will suit my dress?’ my advice is this …. your wedding hair should complement your dress, but it shouldn’t be the only factor in deciding on your hairstyle. Consider your dress style and neckline, fabric and embellishments, wedding venue, personal style, and comfort level when selecting the perfect hairstyle. Most importantly, choose a hairstyle that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable on your big day. After all, the ore amazing you feel, the better you will look as your happiness and confidence will shine through!

If you still cant quite decide then make sure you bring along two or three of the images that youre most attracted to with you to your preview session. It gives us a great starting point for discussion when were trying to figure out exactly what you want ( and what You don’t ! ) for your big day. Everyone is individual and it’s my job to help you create a hair style that is bespoke to you. You can head over to my instagram for a whole range of bridal inspiration and s showcase of images of my real brides hair and makeup.

Instagram: @prettypleasebykatie 

Hope this helps!

Special Additional Hours Offers for Bridal Hair and Makeup

Special Additional Hours Offers for Bridal Hair and Makeup

Special Additional Hours Offers for Bridal Hair and Makeup

Special Additional Hours for Bridal Hair and Makeup

When you request a wedding day hair and makeup quotation from me you’ll notice that there’s the option to add ‘additional hours’ .  An additional hourly service is something that I’m able to offer on the wedding day and something that is often requested by Brides for a number of reasons.

These might include:

A Bride wants their hair dressed in an upstyle for the wedding ceremony, but then taken down for the wedding breakfast. Generally this can be done ( usually if there is no change of venue between your ceremony and breakfast )  and involves me staying on site for around 2 extra hours. This gives us time for your ceremony to take place, and then provides me with around 30 minutes to change the styles for you.  The reason that this can be done in such a time efficient manner is usually because we have taken into consideration the fact that we will shortly be changing the hair when I create the first style. This might mean I use specific products, pin in a certain way so the hair can easily be restyled, or even that we adapt the first style slightly to ensure that the second style is possible. Some brides even like to change their dress too! Additional hours is certainly something to consider if you’re the type of Bride who wants to mix things up a little and showcase more than one wedding day hair look! 

A Bride wants to go from a classic, natural and neutral Bridal make up look to a more exaggerated, more intense evening glamour look. This might involve lipstick changes, addition or enhancement of lashes  or even a complete eye make up change.  Brides that tend to go for this type of service might be having a later ceremony and heading straight into an evening party with their guests. Again, this would involve me staying on site to make any changes after the ceremony but before the arrival of the evening guests so that the Bride can make a statement entrance!

Top up services. Some Brides ( and even bridal parties ) like to ensure that someone remains on site until after the ceremony so that any make up touch-ups can be made.  Generally speaking these requests often come from Brides who know that are going to shed more than a few tears and worry about how this might affect their photos once the ceremony is done and they head off for their first photos as a married couple. Often I am able to accompany the photographer and the couple, being on hand to make any hair and makeup adjustments during the photo session. This is particularly important for brides who don’t feel confident having their photos taken and want to make sure that whilst the photographer can concentrate on getting the perfect shot, I’m on hand to ensure that the hair and makeup are perfect also!

If you’re thinking that you’d like to extend the hours for your bridal hair and makeup services on your wedding day then just let me know and this can be adjusted on your booking. Maybe  you’d like to do it for one of the reasons above, or maybe you have a completely different approach that you’d like me to cater for. Either way, id love to hear it !

Speak soon

Katie Hawkins

p.s. You can make a booking enquiry by clicking here. Once I’ve confirmed your date is available I can send across details of how to reserve your date and services, plus any additional hours and provide you with a personalised quote.

Special Additional Hours for Bridal Hair and Makeup
Special Additional Hours for Bridal Hair and Makeup
Unveiling the Top Bridal Accessory Trends for 2023

Unveiling the Top Bridal Accessory Trends for 2023

Unveiling the Top Bridal Accessory Trends for 2023

A bride with bridal hair accessories - Unveiling the Top Bridal Accessory Trends for 2023

As we approach the 2023 bridal season we’re seeing a whole new host of wedding hair and makeup ideas and inspiration for your bridal style

Right about now, lots of wedding companies are launching their new bridal collections and ranges and there are some amazing pieces that I just had to share with you! Hopefully , whatever your wedding day hair and makeup style, this lot will give you some added inspiration …

The Bobby Pin. The most beautiful ( and extensive ) collection of Wedding hair accessories. This company are perfect if you wany delicate, feminine pieces to adorn your wedding hair upstyle ( one of my favourite being the gorgeous ‘Ela’ ) Be sure to go check them out!

Instagram: @thebobbypinuk

Wedding hats. No longer just reserved for mother of the bride, there are so many ways in which you can include a hat or fascinator into your bridal look. I love some of the inspiration from Jayne Taylor, handmade luxury headwear … head over to the page below to check them out

Instagram: @jtmillinery

Ok, so this final one I know isn’t technically directly related to wedding hair and makeup but still well worth a share. Plus – your wedding hair and makeup would look simply amazing when placed next to one of these handmade dresses. I’ve been a fan of Lucy Can’t Dance for a while now and I just love the colourful adaptations they make to the traditional white wedding dress. They’re super inclusive, personal and bespoke … check them out!

Instagram: @lucy_cant_dance

Oh and finally, I couldn’t not mention these beautiful pieces send to me from Sweet V , how amazing do they look, and they’re just a couple of some beautiful pieces you can find on their website….don’t forget to tell them Katie sent you!

Sweet V Accessories Collection


Top bridal accessory trends from Sweet V - Unveiling the Top Bridal Accessory Trends for 2023
Top bridal accessory trends from Sweet V - Unveiling the Top Bridal Accessory Trends for 2023
Top bridal accessory trends from Sweet V - Unveiling the Top Bridal Accessory Trends for 2023
Kent Wedding Awards Winner in the Bridal Hair Category

Kent Wedding Awards Winner in the Bridal Hair Category

Kent Wedding Awards Winner in the Bridal Hair Category

In 2021/2022 I was awarded winner of the Bridal hair category for the Kent Wedding Awards. The awards are a way for local wedding industry supplier to gain recognition for what they do ( and a good excuse to network and have fun for the evening with wedding supplier that you only otherwise see at the actual weddings! )

The first time I won this award back in 2016 I managed to make it to the awards ceremony and be there to collect my trophy in person. In contrast this last time I had just given birth and was asleep before the ceremony even started, ( missing the live stream altogether…! ) It wasn’t until the 3am feed when I woke to messages of congratulations from my colleges in the wedding industry that I realised I had in fact won!

For me personally, the awards are an important way to gain recognition for what I do. Being a bridal hair and makeup artist is the best job in the world ( maybe I’m slightly bias … ! ) And having people acknowledge your success, and that you’re doing what you love well enough to be noticed, praised and even win awards for it is such a wonderful feeling!

Over the years many brides have come to recognise the Kent Wedding Awards logo , the ‘little pink heart’, to be the sign of a quality wedding supplier. It provides them with reassurance and confidence that the business they choose is one that they know takes pride in what they do.

A wedding day is the absolute best day of your life, and you spend time, money and effort into making sure that it all comes together perfectly. A big part of that is down to the suppliers you select and the people you put your trust in to work with you, and for you, on all aspects of the day itself. For me, as a bridal hair and makeup artist, I am often one of the first people a bride sees on the wedding morning, and I’m often with the bride and the bridal party for hours while we get everyone ready. I’m often the one who provides the reassurance to a nervous bride, helps with any last minute extras and even manages the timeline of the morning so that everyone is ready with time to spare for photos and maybe even a quick drink at the end!

I’ve provided hair and makeup services for over 500 brides, so I’ve had my fair share of experience when it comes to wedding mornings! Honestly, I still love it just as much now as I did back when I started 10 years ago. It’s so lovely to be recognised for what I do and winning awards is the icing on the cake. If you’re a supplier entering this years Kent Wedding Awards then good luck, and if you’re a bride looking for suppliers for your big day be sure to check out the Kent Wedding Awards website where you will find extensive lists of Kent based Wedding suppliers – everything from Toastmasters to Teepees! – ready and willing to help make your day as stress free ( and amazing ) as possible!

Trending Wedding Day Haircuts to Make You Look Stunning

Trending Wedding Day Haircuts to Make You Look Stunning

Trending Wedding Day Haircuts to Make You Look Stunning

A bride with wedding day haircut trend and a groom dancing on their wedding ceremony.

If you’re hanging around on social media then you’ve probably seen the latest trend of ‘wedding day haircuts’. As a wedding hair and makeup artist I absolutely LOVE the idea of someone being brave enough to go for the chop part way through their own wedding day.

For those of you that don’t have a clue what I’m talking about …Basically, the Bride completes the wedding ceremony with her hair styled in one way, and then sits in the chair before the evening guests arrive ( sometimes even as a complete surprise for their partner! ) and has it all cut off! A quick search on instagram or tik tok and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

Now I can honestly say that no bride has ever asked me to cut her hair on her wedding day…sadly. ( If you’re considering it please do ask me as I would jump at the chance! ) I would seriously love the chance to make such a dramatic change for someone as a part of their wedding day but it would certainly take some confidence, and a lot of trust on the part of the Bride!

Most ladies choose their wedding hair style on the basis of their dress, the neckline of the dress, and inspiration pictures they’ve found on pinterest when searching for ‘wedding hair’. This new trending wedding day haircuts just goes to show that actually there’s no such thing as typical ‘wedding hair’.

Wedding hair is simply the hair you wear on your wedding day – whatever that may be. I’m always telling my brides that just because its your wedding day, and just because you’re a bride, doesn’t mean you have to do something or wear anything that doesn’t feel 100% authentic to you. There’s no right or wrong way to be a Bride, and there’s no right or wrong style when it comes to Bridal.

The advice I give to my brides goes something like this….If you don’t normally wear your hair up because you hate your ears, then your wedding day probably isn’t the time to start. If you don’t usually wear red lipstick – even though it looks fabulous on the girl on pinterest, – again, it probably isn’t the day to start wearing it yourself!

The other thing to consider when it comes to your wedding day hair and makeup is that you can think a little ‘bigger’ than you normally would. By this I mean if the only reason you never wear your hair up in anything but a high ponytail is because you don’t know how to do anything other than a high ponytail then make sure you maximise the opportunity for your big day!

Take full advantage of the fact that you have a professional wedding hair stylist on hand able to help you create a look even better than what you can probably imagine! So many brides just don’t see what their own hair type is capable of and it’s just the best feeling when I’m able to create something that exceeds their expectations of their own hair!

So if you’re not sure, or you’re feeling a little disheartened about what you think you can or cant achieve when it comes to your wedding hair then get in touch. Id love to chat with you about what’s possible ( and maybe even try and talk you into a wedding day hair cut perhaps…?! )


p.s. here’s a link to exactly what I’m talking about! Would you brave it?!