If you love a half up hair style then prepared to be inspired! 


Below you will find just a small selection of some of the half up hairstyles that I’ve created. A complete selection of everything from short to long, twists and braids to slick and chic! All kids of flowers, accessories, waves and curls covering every wedding theme from elegant to undone and everything else in between! 


Now I make no secret of the fact that when I first started I loathed half up hair. Every time someone requested it a little bit of me inside would scream ‘Nooo!’ . There was so much more fun and interesting styles to select – why would you go for something so basic?! 




I quickly realised there was no getting away from it. Half up hair wasn’t going anywhere so I had no choice but to embrace it! I’d make myself practice, challenge myself silently in my head to adapt and create something more exciting to me than just the standard request. As time went on I started to fall in love with the half up request and even found myself suggesting it for brides who were keen to keep some of their hair around their shoulders.

A lot of brides choose half up hair as they consider it to be typically ‘bridal’. That certainly doesn’t have to be the case. There are a million ways we can vary your hair to ensure that your half up hair selection is a real reflection on you and totally bespoke. Some brides choose to add accessories, pins, combs, tiaras – even flowers and more recently – flower crowns. Todays bridal parties bring everything about half up hair totally up to date with the addition of texture, waves, curls and even crimping! 

It’s not only a great bridal hair style choice but perfect for bridesmaids too. You can make it look as soft and undone as you like or bring in a boho vibe by adding flowers and pulled out twists. The possibilities are endless and I can now honestly say…




Have a look at some of the 32 examples I’ve posted below. And thats not all…..


Theres even more on my instagram page so feel free to pop over there and have a search for even more totally bespoke half up hair inspo for your big day!