Some things never go out of fashion… Thursday Throwback, a classic bridal hair and make up look 


Well, at least thats what they say isn’t it?! I’m not totally convinced that thats always the case ( think shell suits and neon PVC scrunchies! ) but there are certainly a few things I can think of that back up this rule and classic bridal hair and make up is one of them.


Traditionally, when someone comments that they want a ‘classic’ look they mean natural, glowing, dewy, flawless….(you get where I’m going with this!!) They mean that they want something elegant and timeless, something that looks ‘like them’ and not a fashion or fad decision.

Most brides understand that on their wedding day they need to look like their usual self, only enhanced. It’s not every day you have a hair and make up artist on hand, professionally trained to create the perfect look for you is it! ( Not unless you’re a celebrity or just extremely lucky! ) Although you want to make the most of their skills and expertise its important to trust your artist when they tell you that they don’t need to make you appear ‘different.’

So many of my brides want to try something that they don’t normally go for and I encourage that 100%. However, when I’ve created the beautiful updo that you thought you wanted because it looked so lovely on the picture you’ve shown me from pinterest, and you realise actually that you hate your ears and this style leaves them really exposed – to the point it makes you hunch your shoulders in an attempt to hide them – then I can tell we have a problem! This isn’t to say that you can’t have this beautiful style, we just need to make a few tweaks and you need to be open to the fact that actually, to make this style work for you we need to adapt it slightly.

What I would describe as a  ‘classic’ look would be what we went for here, with my beautiful bride Becky. A low gathered chignon at the nape of her neck with a little added height shows off her face and features beautifully. A swept fringe and side part adds softness whilst the curls are something that she perhaps wouldn’t always do herself. Her make up was kept ‘classic’ and natural, highlighting her beautiful bone structure with subtle use of light and shade. We enhanced her eyes with lashes to really make them stand out and we used soft and muted eyeshadow to carve out the shape of her eyes. 

It’s been years since Becky married the lovely Danny at High Rocks , Kent and yet still her elegant and timeless style is one I’m asked about over and over again. It was all captured beautifully by Hollie Carlin, a female Kent based wedding photographer who is simply fantastic at taking natural, light photos ( be sure to check her out! ) 

If you’re still not sure on your ‘look’ then a preview session is the best way to try out a few ideas and help you gain a bit of clarity on what you might like for your big day. if you want to chat then please do give me a call – I’m always at the end of the phone if you need a chat!