Or perhaps…. ”If i bring my own make up will it cost less?”


This might sound strange to some of you but both of these questions are things that myself and other make up artists get asked on a regular basis! Now don’t get me wrong, I can see the logic behind the thought process but I wanted to just take my time to answer them both in case you’re reading this and you have wondered the same…


Believe me when I say that ‘natural’ make up is an art in itself. To create the illusion of someone looking flawless and glowing, without looking like their skin has any product upon it, without it sliding off throughout the course of a 14 hour day is no easy feat! Natural make up simply does not mean less make up. Infact for a lot of ladies who don’t usually wear make up the natural look I create for them probably seems as if I’m putting so many products on their face that until they can actually see the finished result, they’re a little nervous as to just what I’m doing with all that make up! The key here is to know your products. My kit is full of premium brands and trusted products. Items that I know will last you and make you look your very best, whilst still keeping you ‘natural’. A skilled make up artist will know what and how to use  different items to suit your own individual skin type, texture and needs in order to reach the goal of ‘natural’ beautiful bride.

For this same reason its important that you listen to the advice of your make up artist and trust them when they say that your go to liner that you love so much that easily lasts you 4 hours whilst your our for dinner might not be the best option when you’re wanting something to last you all day and night on the wedding day. Or perhaps the powder that looks ‘ok’ to you,  won’t photograph well and you’ll end up with flashback in your photos.  If there is something you use that you really do love then chances are I probably have a variation of it and something very similar that I can assure you will last the distance! All of the products within my kit I know, I like and I trust. As I leave you on the wedding morning I know for sure that you re going to look just as amazing at 10pm as you do at 10am. It’s my job to ensure that I have confidence in what I’m using and that it’s going do react and ‘do’ exactly what I want it too! One exception to this is lipstick. I always advise my brides and their bridal parties to have a lipstick to hand for top ups throughout the day. As much as you might want it to chances are after that first kiss and that last course you’re going to want to reapply. Some brides even choose a different colour to put on for the evening so they can change up their look for when the party gets into full swing and the lights go down! 

Seriously though, you know how you like to look and you know what you look like when you feel good.  A preview session not only allows me to complete your look in full so I know what to use on the day itself,  but it allows a chance for you to see it too. So many brides tell me that seeing how they are going to look on their wedding day makes everything seem so much more real and it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident in my understanding and interpretation of the look you want me to create for you. Think of it like a ‘play’ time –  we can try a few different ideas, I might be able to make some suggestions that you perhaps hadn’t considered and then as it all finally comes together you will leave confident that you will look like the most beautiful bride! 

If you have any questions , no matter how silly you might think they are , then please do just drop me an email and ask away! 

I look forward to hearing from you!