A three hour masterclass to enable you to get some hands on make up experience, hints, tips and tricks!


So many of my brides and clients always ask me for tips on how to get the same make up look that we create when they’re back at home. ¬† Lots of them tell me that they just can’t seem to get the same finish, or get their products to work in quite the same way once I’m not there! Over the years and thanks to training, learning, and lots and lots of experimenting I’ve been able to pick up a fair few hints, tips and tricks that i’m looking forward to sharing with you all at my half day masterclass coming up next month. It’s suitable for the complete beginner so everyone is welcome and you’re guaranteed to learn something that you can put to good use with your own make up bag at home. Whether the words ‘liquid eyeliner’ fill you with dread or you just can’t seem to get rid of those under eye bags – ¬†then make sure you get booked in and come along. The session is located in Maidstone, Kent and it’s a great opportunity to spend a few hours with like minded people immersed in all things make up. If you’d like further details then check out my Facebook page or drop me a message and I’ll send you some info about how to secure your place!



multicoloured morph eyeshadow make up palette