Ok, so I know I wasn’t the only one to shed a tear this week when Amy decided to leave the villa and walk away from the last few weeks of heartbreak she has felt courtesy of Curtis.


Those of us who know that familiar feeling of heartbreak will sympathise with the poor girl and understand her reasons for having to get herself out of the situation. Those of you who are yet to experience heartbreak…well, lucky you! Lets hope you never find yourself huddled in the corner of your bedroom in floods of tears, stuffing that whole box of milk tray into your mouth between sobs!


Luckily for me, heartbreak in my job is non existent. I get to deal with people on the happiest most ‘loved up’ day of their whole lives…. although there is one big similarity.….




Of course on your wedding day they are much more likely to be of the happy variety, however chances are they will still come whether you like it or not! The rush of emotion and the overwhelming feelings that you simply can’t prepare yourself for mean that you’ve probably already started to worry about what will happen to your make up when they start to flow….


So, whether it’s the wedding day or whether you just need a reason to be super prepared then here’s a few of my go to products that you might like to consider….


( please note this is only my personal opinion and this post is in no way endorsed by these companies or products mentioned! )

Maybelline Tattoo liner

I’m really excited to add this product to my kit. It’s a great addition to the Maybelline tattoo range ( their shadows are a great dupe for macs famous paint pots)  and it’s getting some rave reviews. Ideal for those of you that like to wear a heavy liner then this product claims to stay put for up to 36 hours! That’s the entire wedding and breakfast and lunch the next day!


Urban Decay setting Spray.

If you know, you know. And if you don’t …well, I’m about to change your life! The Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray is one of my ‘go to/couldn’t live without/desert island’ products. When I’m describing it to people I say that it’s like ‘hairspray for your face’. This stuff does not allow your make up to budge. It keeps everything in place without adding any shine.

An absolute must have for any kit whether like me you depend on it for your brides (12 hr plus! ) or simply for yourself and your own make up kit…. Make sure you get one! Actually, scrap that – get two- at least!

Airbrush make up

I offer the airbrush option as a standard upgrade to all of my brides. It’s not every day that you get to look like you’re walking around with a filter on your face and my brides love not only the look, but the feel of this lightweight makeup. The product I use is Airbase, a silicon based product thats ideal for long days and summer nights but its also the perfect match for brides that think they might ‘cry all their make up off’. Once the airbase product is set then the tears can fall and it simply doesn’t budge. I always do advise my brides to be aware it is still a product on your skin so be sure to dab those tears away, not wipe , but you can rest assured that you can make it down the aisle as a blubbering wreck and still make it to the first dance without it all having disappeared!

Waterproof Mascara

I have a love hate relationship with mascaras. I’m always being asked what’s my absolute face and the truth is it changes.  I’ve tried everything from drug store to high end and I cant honestly say there was one particular product that I couldn’t live without. A popular , inexpensive addition to my kit that I genuinely do replace every time I run out is Maybelline Great Lash . It really does mean it when it says waterproof and at around £6 its an absolute bargain!  You can take my word for it that this mascara won’t end up streaking down your face or leave you looking like a baby panda …

What about the lips….?

Well, sadly, there isn’t one wonder product that I’ve personally come across that can give me the perfect lips for over 12 hours after eating, drinking, kissing and crying – but there are a few things that you can do to help sustain the longevity of your lipstick between top ups.


  1. Always line your lips. So many people skip this step, or think that you only need to line your lips if you’re wearing a dark colour to stop it bleeding. Wrong. By using a liner you add definition to your shape but also, by applying that liner not just to the outline but the inside of your lips too ( wear you would place your lipstick) you’re adding another layer of colour, and something else for your lip product to cling to. Even as your lipstick disappears over the course of the day the liner can still be seen underneath meaning that you don’t need to top up quite as often or quite as much!
  2. Get your lips in good condition. There’s nothing worse that cracked, dry lips and your lipstick will simply sit in the lines giving a crumpled effect to your overlook look. Be sure to exfoliate your lips just as you would your face. Be sure to do this very gently as your lips are delicate and especially if they are dry you don’t want to cause any damage. Lush do a fabulous and inexpensive lip sugar scrub which does a great job at refreshing your lips and makes them taste fab too!
  3. Wear Lip balm. Even when you’re not wearing lipstick. Before you go to bed every night. As you apply your facial moisturiser daily. At every opportunity you get – moisturise your lips too. This is really easy to do, you can carry a chap stick in your bag and apply it as often as you remember. It really will make all the difference when it comes to your lipstick looking perfect and your lips staying in tip top condition.


I would love to hear of any more firm product favourites you might have – anything that you simply can’t live without, or even anything that you think I might like to try! Feel free to get in touch with a comment, email or pop over to my instagram or facebook and send me a message there


As for me, I’m off to watch the latest Love Island instalment …..