Kent Wedding Awards Finalist 2020

Kent Wedding Awards Finalist 2020

I am so delighted to be able to announce that yesterday I found out that I had made finalist for the Kent wedding Awards 2020!


For those of you that follow me, this is the award that I won back in 2016. Ive made finalist 5 times now and it’s a great honour to be recognised for what I do!  The little pink heart has become a well known feature for any brides and grooms planning their wedding. Many couples know and trust the suppliers who carry this logo so I’m proud to be able to display it again for 2020.


It’s important for me as a self employed stylist that I make sure that I’m doing everything I can , to be as good as I possibly can be for the brides that choose me. Entering the awards is my way of ‘putting myself out there’. I take great pride in what I do and the business I have created and I’m so grateful for recognition of that.


Awards are great but there really is no better feeling than a bride messaging me after her wedding to say thankyou or send photos. It’s such an important job – being there on the morning of someones wedding day, and it’s such a privilege to have them trust you to create the look that will last them forever in their photographs. 


So thankyou to all of the brides that have chosen me and of course to all of the brides that have booked me for their 2020/2021 wedding dates. I can’t wait to be a part of your big day…. I really do have the best job in the world! 



Katie x 




 ( As I write this post I’ve stumbled across the post I wrote back in 2016 after winning the Bridal Hair title… I’ve put it below so you can have a read! Sometimes you simply have to take a moment and appreciate how far you have come! ) 








”It’s no secret that I love my job, I love what I do, I love that it fits around my life and my family and I love that a day at work – doesn’t even seem like a day at work! Four years ago when I was sat in my dead end job, clock watching, wishing my days away – the life I have now seemed like a million miles away. I didn’t even know it could exist. I had trained as a hairdresser years after leaving school. It wasn’t until I returned from three seasons in the sunshine that I finally enrolled myself in college and decided to go for it. I had always wanted to be a hairdresser, I loved playing with hair and I loved art so two years and two NVQ’s later – when someone first asked me if I offered bridal hair services I answered yes immediately. It was one of those moments where I thought ‘yeah , that sounds like a good idea, I could do that couldn’t i?! ’ and the rest as they say … is history!” 












Kent Wedding Awards Finalist!!!

Kent Wedding Awards Finalist!!!

I found out today that I had made the finalist list again for The Kent Wedding Awards 2017 . Last year I was lucky enough to walk away with the trophy for the Hair Design category ( you can see my video below!) and this year ill be back there again!


These types of awards are a chance to showcase to potential brides the standard that myself and all of the other professionals who enter , are striving towards. It’s important to me, as I approach another year in business, to carry on growing and developing my skills, as well as my reputation.

It is so lovely to hear from brides that they have chosen to book me on the recommendation of a past bride or previous client. As cheesy as it may sound I really do love what I do. Everyday I go to work I get to go to someone’s wedding and play a part in the most important day of their life – it doesn’t get much cooler than that!


When I was younger I really didn’t know what I wanted to do – I travelled, I went from one rubbish sales job to another and then I finally decided that in order to really love what I was doing I had to do something that I really loved! When I first started my business I didn’t know how it was going to work, I wasn’t sure if id make enough money or take enough bookings. Now it seems bizarre to think back to that time! I’m booked well into 2018 – 2019 and I’m so grateful that I get to do this job, and even more grateful for the people that help me to continue doing it! For a bride to be, choosing the person that you trust enough with the way you are going to look in photos that will last a lifetime is no easy feat! If you looking and you want to see what some of my previous brides have to say about me then please do have a read…. 


On a final note – Good luck to everyone who’s entered the awards – we all work so hard to do what we do and were all so proud of the businesses that we have created – you couldn’t go wrong with any of them! X