Bridesmaids Hair

Bridesmaids Hair

Sometimes my brides are happy to let the bridesmaids decide on their hairstyle¬†, other times they like them all to wear their hair in the same style. Does it matter to you? Here’s some important things to consider when selecting a style for your bridesmaids:

– The colour of their hair. As a general rule more intricate styles will always ‘show up’ better in blonde/lighter hair

-The length of their hair. Do you need to add any hair pieces to ensure all styles look the same weight/height/ size etc?

-Their face shape. maybe it really doesn’t suit your best friend to have her fringe scraped back from her face revealing the eyebrows that she hates…?

-Are they comfortable? You want your professional photos to look good so you want your girls to feel relaxed and comfortable.

-Will it last? If your chief bridesmaid has forever got her hand to her face is it really advisable to leave that bit of hair sweat across her forehead or will she just end up clipping it back?!

-Uniform. Not as in clothes but as in styles – if you are wanting the girls to wear a side bun, which side do you want it to? Do you want them all on the same side? Do you want to split it equally?

-Does it compliment your style? Maybe the most important question of all! You want your bridesmaids to look beautiful but do you want them to have an exact replica of your style? Or if you’re going for something understated do you really want them to have something more statement?

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