Using hair extensions for your wedding hair style

Using hair extensions for your wedding hair style

Using hair extensions for your wedding hair style

As a wedding hair and make up artist one of the most commonly asked questions from my brides is to whether I can help them with hair extensions for their wedding day.

There’s a variety of reasons that a bride might want to add hair to her wedding hair style. Sometimes it’s because the style has a lot of volume and the bride wants it to look large and full. Other times it might be a more personal reason such as hair loss or alopecia.

Regardless of why you wear added hair on your wedding day there are some reassurances that I can give you when it comes to using extensions:

  • I can personally source high quality hair for you. A lot of the time when people think of hair extensions they think of shiny looking and plastic feeling straw hair. I only use 100% human, high quality hair. This is so important when it comes to being able to style and blend any additional hair in with your own.
  • I can personally colour match your hair. Hair colour is certainly not one size fits all. I can match to the correct tone and colour of your hair to ensure that we can get the perfect match.
  • I can disguise the clips. One of the biggest worries for a bride is that people will be able to tell she’s wearing extensions. This is absolutely not the case. I can fit the extensions within your style so that no one will ever know that’s its not your very own hair.
  • They won’t fall out on the dance floor! Another concern I quite often here is whether the hair might come lose or fall out throughout the course of the day. I will ensure that all hair is fitted properly and securely so that your style will last you all day and all night ( no matter how wild the dancing gets! )
  • They’re easy to remove. My preferred method of hair extensions when it comes to wedding hair styling is clip in. This means that you can easily remove the additional hair yourself without any damage to your own hair. The hair is then yours to keep so you can continue to wear it as often as you like! I’m even able to offer styling hints and tips should you wish to create your own style using the hair again after the wedding day!

If you’re considering wearing hair extensions for your wedding hair style then please don’t feel concerned or anxious. If you wanted to give me a call so we can talk it through then by all means please do and I’ll do my very best to help!

Do I need hair extensions for my wedding hair style?

Do I need hair extensions for my wedding hair style?

Do I need hair extensions for my wedding hair style?

I’d estimate about 80% of my brides wear hair extensions on their wedding day….not that’s you’d ever even know it! In the past hair extensions meant long, plastic-looking straw-like hair that didn’t quite match in colour. Nowadays we use 100% human hair, silky, shiny locks that can add colour, length and thickness to really give you the wedding hair you dream of!

Do I need them?

So many brides ask me whether they need hair extensions for their wedding hair style. If you want to look like you have Michelle Keegans beautiful bouncy locks when in reality your hair is thin and sparse then the answer is yes.

However, I can guarantee you’ll be amazed at just what your own hair can do , and although we can give the illusion of fullness and thickness to a certain extent – some people do need a little extra help.

I’m worried that people will be able to tell…

A lot of brides are nervous about extensions, you’ve probably seen some really bad ones yourself and you worry that on your wedding day everyone will be looking at your hair and be able to tell. Maybe the colour won’t match? Maybe it will look like a ‘step’ in length between your natural hair and the extension pieces? When I work with extensions I offer a colour match and hair sourcing service to all my brides. This not only makes your life easier as a bride – but mine too! I know that I’m working with good quality 100% human hair that’s not going to affect the ‘look’ of the style I’m creating ( some synthetic hair extensions can look shiny and plastic )  and you know that I’ve matched your hair to the perfect colour so there will be absolutely no way for people to notice the difference!

How do I know what will work?

I can also ensure that the hair is ‘cut in’ too, styled and shaped so it simply looks like an extension of your own hair without any visible difference. I work with a variety of clip in hair and hair pieces and different people need different things. Maybe you need length? Maybe you need volume? Or maybe you’re wanting to add coloured panels without the commitment of a permanent change?! Anything is possible when it comes to your wedding hair so don’t be disheartened if you don’t have the exact hair type that you think you need to create the style that you’ve always dreamt about. You don’t need to compromise, we just need to adapt it in order for it to work for you!

There lots of inspiration over on my galleries page. Have a look through and try and guess which brides are wearing clips, hair pieces or extensions. The key is to keep it all looking natural, your hair is a part of you and your wedding hair shouldn’t look un natural or different. You want your wedding hair to be a talking point on your big day for the right reasons….!