Hair or Makeup – What to do first on your wedding morning

Hair or Makeup – What to do first on your wedding morning

Hair or Makeup – What to do first on your wedding morning

I’m often asked by brides what they SHOULD be doing first on their wedding morning – hair or makeup? This is a really common question and I can honestly tell you there is no correct answer. Personally, I make my decision based on the overall look we are going to be creating for you. It’s totally dependant on what style we are working towards and what your needs are.

How will I decide?

For example, a bride opting for a Hollywood wave who is wearing her hair down, would have it set/put in rollers first, then have her make up applied, and then have her hair dressed out and fixed onto and around her face to frame it. Someone else who is wearing their hair all up might have their hair put up first before having make up applied as it is all going back , away from their face and out of the way of any make up application. Like a lot of things when it comes to your big day, the choice is yours. There is no set wrong or right way to do things, especially not on a wedding morning!

What do YOU want?

Some brides are keen to have their make up in place before their photographer arrives whilst others don’t mind the bridesmaids being completed first. If you’re a bride that would feel happier knowing she is ready early then we will get you ready early. If you want to be able to get up from the chair and step into your dress and leave for the ceremony then that’s fine too! It’s my job to do what I can within my control to make your morning as easy and stress free as possible for you. Prior to the day itself, we will already have arranged who needs what services so I would have made allowances for timing, and even created a schedule should you want one, just so that everyone knows when they are needed!

It’s about YOU!

Your wedding morning is the very start of the very best day of your life, part of the reason you have hired professionals is so that you are able to sit back and enjoy it all!  If you want or need to be ready for a specific time then don’t be afraid to say. This is just one of the reasons that I only work with one wedding per day. Once you have secured your date then that time is yours. Whether you want me earlier or later, whether you want me to stay and put in your veil or help you into your shoes – the choice is yours.  As I’m sure everyone will be telling you the wedding day really does go so fast – try and enjoy every single moment! And if you want to have a chat in a bit more detail about how we can make everything run smoothly on your wedding morning then please do get in touch!