Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Real Bride: Wedding hair and make up for Jenny at The Old Kent Barn, Kent

Bride: Jenny
Venue: The Old Kent Barn, Kent
Photographer: David Fenwick

As a preferred supplier at The Old Kent Barn, I’m lucky enough to visit regularly in order to get brides ready for their big day. The dressing room is a large private area that the bridal party have to themselves for the duration of the morning and it’s the perfect space to spend your last few hours as a ‘Miss’ . When I met Jenny I just knew that her wedding morning was going to be great fun. She was bubbly, friendly and just so excited! It was a real pleasure to be part of such a memorable morning with her bridal crew and definitely one of those days that certainly doesn’t feel anything like work!

As you can see from the pictures, Jenny wasn’t one to take herself too seriously….! I love that her laughing and genuine delight is totally visible within her images and whenever I look at these photos I can still hear Jenny’s infectious giggle!

Jenny’s make up was bridal glam. We added lashes for a more dramatic eye effect and gave her full coverage, flawless skin using airbrush make up. The pink tones we added to her cheeks and lip gave a fresh looking, typically ‘bridal’ glow and liquid highlighter made sure that her skin subtly highlighted yet illuminated.

Jenny went for a high bun, twisted up do. I created this look using a series of ponytails to secure the style and curling the hair in various directions. I then placed the curls across the crown section and added a tiara to finish. When choosing an up do for your wedding hair, the correct balance is a really important aspect. You want the style to be the right shape so that the style remains flattering no matter what angle you are photographed from. I kept the hair full of volume to ensure that the style didn’t appear harsh or tight, using a wax spray to add shine and secure the folds as I went along.
For Jenny this style perfectly suited her face shape and frame, and her long side parted fringe sweeping around her face gave us an extra bit of softness to the finished look too.

Thank you to David Fenwick for these lovely images of such a happy bride and a big thank you to Jenny for choosing me as a part of her wedding morning

An October Wedding at The Nightyard, Kent // Katie and Matt

An October Wedding at The Nightyard, Kent // Katie and Matt

An October Wedding at The Nightyard,

Kent // Katie and Matt

Katie and Matt’s Wedding at The Nightyard was the perfect setting for their rustic, natural style… and their pet horse too!!


I really do love it when I receive professional pictures from photographers. Often it’s the only chance I get to see some of the details that I’ve heard about from the bride when we’re getting ready on the morning. Thankyou to Fleur Challis for providing me with this selection from Katie and Matt’s big day. I loved looking at these and hearing the story from Katie as to how their big day finally all fell into place…..

How did you meet?

We met at secondary school. I said no a hundred times before Matt finally got his way and I let him take me out! Our first date was to see the movie ‘’I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry!”

How did you get engaged?

On my birthday, Matt made me a cup of tea and said he was going to get my present. He called me downstairs and when I came down there was candles everywhere and he whispered in my ear ‘will you marry me’. Very personal and very ‘Matt’

What was the inspiration for your wedding day?

Beauty and the Beast. Our centrepieces were dome jars with enchanted roses and there was a Miss Potts, Lumierre and Cogsworth on the top table.

What did you like about the venue?

The Nightyard was just perfect for us . Really natural and they allow you to decorate however you want ( plus they let me bring my horse!!)

You invited your horse….?!?!

My horse April was my bridesmaid so she entered with the bridesmaids and stayed for the photographs too.  She even got a mention by name from the registrar when she introduced who would be walking down the aisle!

What was your first dance?

A thousand Years by Christina Perry from the Twighlight Movies

Do you have a tip to share with other brides to be?

Do what you want –  not what other people want you to do.

How did you decide how to wear your hair?

Braids and waves. I wanted to keep it natural but I also wanted it to work with our Disney theme. It fit in perfectly with Belle and our other Beauty and the Beast extras.

What was your favourite thing about your wedding day?

I loved all of it but if I had to pick one moment that stands out then it would be walking down the aisle and seeing Matt standing there at the other end.

So there we have it, if you’re after a pet friendly venue in Kent then be sure to check out The Nightyard! 

And if you’re getting married in 2020/2021 then be sure to get in touch! I have selected dates remaining for this year and the diary is now open for 2021 ready to book in a whole new host of beautiful brides….and their horses too!

Wedding Make Up for Gwen at Cooling Castle Barn, Kent

Wedding Make Up for Gwen at Cooling Castle Barn, Kent

Wedding Make Up for Gwen at Cooling

Castle Barn, Kent

Sometimes its nice to have a bride that’s not afraid to go a little bolder when it comes to her wedding make up and Gwen was that bride!

Gwens Make Up look

Some brides shy away from a heavy, smoky eye look  – and its certainly not for everyone. I always tell my brides that just because its your wedding day , it doesn’t mean we have to make you look different. You simply want to look like you, but on a really good day! If you don’t usually wear make up then it would be silly of us to paint your face to the point where you don’t even recognise yourself! Just because you’re a bride, you don’t need to do something outside the box. You’re the star of the show regardless and you don’t need to change who you are to conform to what you think a ‘normal bride’ should be.  If you want to be natural and that’s who you are – then be natural. If you don’t want your hair up because you never wear it up – then wear it down. It’s about being comfortable, and if you’re comfortable – you’re confident.

Gwen was a make up fan and no stranger to a darker eye which is why her wedding make up suited her perfectly. We lined her eyes and built up a selection of muted grey tones to create a smoky eye look. Rather than a severe, dark eye, using soft greys meant that we were able to add the same definition but without the harsh contrast of a black. We added a highlight to the inner corner of her eyes to ensure that her eyes really popped and lashes so that we could achieve a wide eye look. I paired this with flawless skin using airbase make up and a nude lip.

For lips I used MAC stripdown liner, another one of my bridal kit essentials. I applied this all over the lip and finished with a sweep of MAC fast play lipstick. It’s super important when going for a dark eye that the skin looks bright and clear in contrast. By using airbase I was able to ensure that Gwens skin was completely even in texture and tone. The added bonus of the airbrush is that if a client needs a slightly heavier coverage in one area its easily achieved without looking ‘cakey’. The airbrush particles are so small that they are designed for HD work and close up photo and film, meaning they sit perfectly and evenly on the skin.  My top tip when working with darker colours or heavier eyeshadow Is to always complete the eye make up first. Once ive created the eye look then I before remove any fallout and residue from my clients skin before applying their base. Needless to say this is really important, especially when it comes to brides as you know that their photographer will be able to pick up any imperfection and it could make or break the photos! I set Gwen’s bridal make up look using Urban Decay setting spray ‘all nighter’, another kit essential.

Thank you to Kelly Rogers photography for use of these lovely images.  Gwen’s wedding was held at the gorgeous Kent venue Cooling Castle  and its always a pleasure to work at such a beautiful place! With a wedding almost every day Cooling  Castle is a popular choice for brides wanting to know that they will be well looked after. The events team here have thought of everything…. literally ….everything! From placing scissors in the drawer so you can cut off  any tags you might have forgotten about ( seriously – that happens all the time! ) to the fact that they have a coffee machine ready and waiting in the room for you, if you’re considering holding your big day here you wont be disappointed!

If  you’d like to speak to me about your own wedding day hair and make up then please do get in touch.  Maybe you’ve booked Cooling Castle , and if you have then I’d love to join you!

You can email me by clicking here and visiting my contact page.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Wedding Hair and Make Up at Chilston Park

Wedding Hair and Make Up at Chilston Park

Wedding Hair and Make Up at Chilston Park

It’s a beautiful country house hotel in the Kent countryside and it’s so uniquely styled – filled with antiques, some all the way back from the 17th century and as old as the manor house itself.

It’s easy to see why brides would choose it for their wedding day, the inside is as beautiful as the outside and come rain or shine it’s the perfect backdrop for those wedding pictures….

My bride Carly is someone that I’ve known ever since I took my first ever job aged 14. I was delighted to be able to provide the hair and make up for herself and her wedding party on the morning of her big day, and it was such a lovely morning. Filled with laughter and happiness, Carly and her girls had a great time getting ready together in the Star room , overlooking the beautiful gardens and plenty big enough for the entire bridal party to relax and enjoy.

Carly had decided to go for a natural make up look, enhancing her eyes with a flawless skin finish. Her long dark hair was woven into a low chignon and accessorised with a diamante slide which added a beautiful contrast to her deep brown twists.

For Carlys base , after I had applied primer, I used iconic London highlighter drops. These drops really are little bits of magic as they enhance and radiate the perfect bridal glow and they’ve quickly become one of my firm kit favourites.  For foundation I used airbrush airbase make up. Its high definition formula means I can guarantee that my brides look photo ready all day long and it sits so beautifully on the skin , meaning I never have to worry about uneven coverage or blending lines.

For her hair I created a shine using Kenra 25, this pump action spray means I am able to not only hold, but smooth and finish – a really important factor when it comes to styling dark hair. I didn’t want the hair looking stiff or flat but I did want to ensure that the hold was there, without compromising on the texture. The added bonus of Kenra products are that brides are forever complimenting me on how good they smell – and they really do! They don’t have the usual, typical ‘old school hairspray’ odour which is good considering I reckon I inhale about a million litres of the stuff over a summer bridal season !  

Big thanks to TDH media for sending me these beautiful images of Carly.  These guys offer photo, video and even marry-oke packages so be sure to check them out. 

Over the last month I’ve had lost of organised brides booking in their wedding hair and make up for 2020 so if you’re a bride to be and think you might like to talk to me about working with you on your wedding morning then be sure to get in touch. I only work with one wedding per day so drop me a message and I’ll let you know if your date is still available…

Look forward to hearing from you

Katie x

Kent Wedding Awards Finalist!!!

Kent Wedding Awards Finalist!!!

I found out today that I had made the finalist list again for The Kent Wedding Awards 2017 . Last year I was lucky enough to walk away with the trophy for the Hair Design category ( you can see my video below!) and this year ill be back there again!


These types of awards are a chance to showcase to potential brides the standard that myself and all of the other professionals who enter , are striving towards. It’s important to me, as I approach another year in business, to carry on growing and developing my skills, as well as my reputation.

It is so lovely to hear from brides that they have chosen to book me on the recommendation of a past bride or previous client. As cheesy as it may sound I really do love what I do. Everyday I go to work I get to go to someone’s wedding and play a part in the most important day of their life – it doesn’t get much cooler than that!


When I was younger I really didn’t know what I wanted to do – I travelled, I went from one rubbish sales job to another and then I finally decided that in order to really love what I was doing I had to do something that I really loved! When I first started my business I didn’t know how it was going to work, I wasn’t sure if id make enough money or take enough bookings. Now it seems bizarre to think back to that time! I’m booked well into 2018 – 2019 and I’m so grateful that I get to do this job, and even more grateful for the people that help me to continue doing it! For a bride to be, choosing the person that you trust enough with the way you are going to look in photos that will last a lifetime is no easy feat! If you looking and you want to see what some of my previous brides have to say about me then please do have a read…. 


On a final note – Good luck to everyone who’s entered the awards – we all work so hard to do what we do and were all so proud of the businesses that we have created – you couldn’t go wrong with any of them! X