Choosing the perfect bridal lipstick

Choosing the perfect bridal lipstick

Choosing the perfect bridal lipstick

One of the most popular questions brides ask me is what lipstick they should be wearing for their wedding day. At the preview session, we have the chance to try out a few different colours and I can offer guidance as to what looks best with your skin tone and makeup colours.  Lipstick really is a personal preference, some people like to go bold whilst others want a hint of shine but nothing much when it comes to colour.

I always advise brides to wear some type of colour on their lips for the wedding day as it’s important for the photographs.  A good lip colour can really complete the entire makeup look and bring everything together. It doesn’t always have to be a lipstick though, especially if you’re not used to wearing one.

Lip product alternatives

Gloss – Many people have a bit of a love/ hate relationship when it comes to gloss. It can add the most amazing shine but if you’re wearing your hair down and it’s a windy day then you might find that you spend more time trying to remove your hair from being stuck to your lips!

Stain – Not as heavy as a full-on lipstick and perfect for the bride wanting a totally natural ‘no product’ look.  A stain does just that, stains the lip with a tone and gives that ‘just bitten’ type of colour.

Tinted lip balm – Brides that don’t like the feel of a lip product might be better with a tinted balm. This helps keeps the lips moisturised which is really important too. There’s nothing worse that cracked, flaky lips on the wedding pictures! You can check out one of my previous posts with a recipe for a DIY lip scrub here.

How to choose

There are a million different lipsticks and a billion different brand and tones so often it simply comes down to personal preference. I advise my brides if they have a favourite lip product to bring it with them to their preview session.  If they’re not sure we can try a few and photograph them so they can look back at the pictures and this can help make a decision. I also advise my brides to buy a lipstick they can keep in their handbag to top up later in the wedding day. After hours eating, drinking and kissing, it’s good to have it on hand to top up before the evening guests arrive!

A few of the most popular

If you’re just starting the hunt for your bridal lipstick then here’s a few of the most popular shades that you might want to start by taking a look at…

Charlotte Tilbury

Pillow Talk – In that last few years this lipstick has become an iconic bridal staple. Check out the ‘superstar lips’ version if you’re not a far of the ‘matt’ finish – it has a beautiful shine and definitely makes it into my top 3 for the wedding day!

Mac Cosmetics

Fast Play  – A soft natural pink this is a popular choice for those not wanting a true nude shade. It adds a rose tone and looks amazing on most skin types.

Budget Buy

If you’re looking for something really cost effective then take a look at Rimmels Kate Moss collection. These lipsticks have a great texture and last well. The colour range is fab too and you can often find them on special offer – the perfect excuse to buy an extra one as an alternative too!

Lip stain

Benetint – This popular product by Benefit brand is perfect for a really natural look. They have a few colour options and you can even use the product on your cheeks too.

A bold statement

A classic Red Lip is my all-time fave. If you’re brave enough to rock the red on your wedding day then my favourites include Charlotte Tilbury – So Marilyn and MAC – Ruby Woo

Lip Gloss

If you want to shine but not ‘sticky’ then check out NYX Butter Gloss. It’s a steal at around £10 and feels soft without feeling gloopy.

Anastasia Beverley Hills gloss has the most amazing colour payoff. The pigment in this gloss is enough to add the perfect shine and shade to your lips, leaving you with lips that look plump and totally kissable! 

Hope this gives you a good starting point for when it comes to making your own bridal lip choices! If you’re still not sure where to start then don’t panic! Contact me to book in your preview session and I’ll help guide you through the options and choices that work for you