Looking for inspiration?

Looking for inspiration?

Finding Bridal Hair and Makeup Inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to your wedding hair and makeup then head over to my galleries page where you can see a collection of ‘real brides’ and see exactly how they chose to style their hair and makeup looks.

Looking for inspiration

Instagram Delights: Hair and Makeup Variety

You can also find a variety of hair and make up styles over on my instagram page www.instagram.com/prettypleasebykatie

Personalizing Your Bridal Look: Tips and Suggestions

Remember there’s no right or wrong when it comes to Bridal. Everyone is different, and every single style is unique and personalised to you.  I suggest that my brides have around 3-6 images of things they like, and also that they try to figure out just what it is about it they like in particular. Maybe your keen on having your hair down, or you want a really soft make up look because you don’t usually wear any. Inspiration images can really help me understand exactly what your wedding day vision is and how we can best create that for you.

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Exploring Wedding Hair and Makeup Inspiration Sources

Here’s just a few of my other favourite places you might like to try when it comes to searching for wedding hair and makeup inspiration….








Happy searching!