The world’s worst wedding hair and makeup advice

The world’s worst wedding hair and makeup advice

The world's worst wedding hair and makeup advice

If you want to make your wedding hair and make up artist cringe a little then I can guarantee you can achieve just that by pointing out any of the following facts!

Below I’ve listed a mere 6 of the worlds worst wedding hair and make up advice that I’ve ever heard. Us hair and make up artists  hear a lot of these floating around, a lot of the time, but I can assure you it’s not good or valid advice to follow – least of all when it comes to your wedding hair and make up!  If you do want some positive and productive advice about any aspect of your hair or skin care in preparation for your wedding hair and make up then please do just ask. Any good artist doesn’t want you making any of these mistakes and certainly doesn’t want you thinking any of these crazy statements might actually be true!

You need more

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. There is no direct relation meaning that the more product you put on your face the better you will look. It’s not about more , its about knowing, choosing and using the right products so that even with more coverage you don’t look like you’ve simply added more make up. You want people to think ‘ Wow you look amazing’, not ‘Wow ,shes wearing a lot of make up today’.

The natural look costs less.

If anything, it takes a skilled artist to be able to perfect the ‘I’m not wearing much make up’ look, using make up!  It doesn’t mean it’s any quicker for the artist or that they are using any ‘less’ product which should be considered in relation to a cheaper pricing structure. You are paying for the artists skill, time and expertise, not the amount of eyeshadow they use!

You can use hairspray to set your make up.

Please do not do this! By all means use a setting spray, this will help your make up last all day and hold everything in place for you but hairspray does not do the same thing! Its sticky, clogs up your pores and is designed to add hold to hair – not skin!

If you want your lashes to stay on longer then use hair extensions glue.

No NoNO! Its meant for your head and scalp , not your delicate eye area! It simply isn’t safe, if any glue got into your eye – it doesn’t bear thinking about – especially not with a wedding coming up!

Put some water in your mascara if its dried up.

If it’s dried, it’s died.  It’s not hygienic. Mascaras harbour bacteria at the best of times so treat yourself and go and get a new one. Ideally, you should be changing your mascara every few months, and if your eyes even get sore or infected then you should ditch your old mascara and start using a new one as soon as the infection has cleared.

Dye your hair as close to the wedding as possible.

I always advise my brides that if they are having a colour change , then they need to do it AT VERY LEAST a week before the wedding. This ensures A, that they’re happy with the colour and there aren’t any last minute disasters. B, that they have had time to wash their hair between the colour application and the wedding in order to remove and residue. And C, that I’m not creating a beautiful up do that is finished off with and added band of colour that has stained your neck and scalp which wont budge!

Although I’m sure there are so many more I could add to this list these ones really do stick out as my top 6, most heard, most concerning so called ‘facts’ .  If you have any more or think there’s any important ones I might have missed then please do let me know. This lot really is the absolute worst type of wedding hair and make up advice , and if you need any real advice you know where to find me! I’m always happy to help, whether you’ve booked my services or you’re just in need of some guidance – please do get in touch!