An October Wedding at The Nightyard, Kent // Katie and Matt

An October Wedding at The Nightyard, Kent // Katie and Matt

An October Wedding at The Nightyard,

Kent // Katie and Matt

Katie and Matt’s Wedding at The Nightyard was the perfect setting for their rustic, natural style… and their pet horse too!!


I really do love it when I receive professional pictures from photographers. Often it’s the only chance I get to see some of the details that I’ve heard about from the bride when we’re getting ready on the morning. Thankyou to Fleur Challis for providing me with this selection from Katie and Matt’s big day. I loved looking at these and hearing the story from Katie as to how their big day finally all fell into place…..

How did you meet?

We met at secondary school. I said no a hundred times before Matt finally got his way and I let him take me out! Our first date was to see the movie ‘’I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry!”

How did you get engaged?

On my birthday, Matt made me a cup of tea and said he was going to get my present. He called me downstairs and when I came down there was candles everywhere and he whispered in my ear ‘will you marry me’. Very personal and very ‘Matt’

What was the inspiration for your wedding day?

Beauty and the Beast. Our centrepieces were dome jars with enchanted roses and there was a Miss Potts, Lumierre and Cogsworth on the top table.

What did you like about the venue?

The Nightyard was just perfect for us . Really natural and they allow you to decorate however you want ( plus they let me bring my horse!!)

You invited your horse….?!?!

My horse April was my bridesmaid so she entered with the bridesmaids and stayed for the photographs too.  She even got a mention by name from the registrar when she introduced who would be walking down the aisle!

What was your first dance?

A thousand Years by Christina Perry from the Twighlight Movies

Do you have a tip to share with other brides to be?

Do what you want –  not what other people want you to do.

How did you decide how to wear your hair?

Braids and waves. I wanted to keep it natural but I also wanted it to work with our Disney theme. It fit in perfectly with Belle and our other Beauty and the Beast extras.

What was your favourite thing about your wedding day?

I loved all of it but if I had to pick one moment that stands out then it would be walking down the aisle and seeing Matt standing there at the other end.

So there we have it, if you’re after a pet friendly venue in Kent then be sure to check out The Nightyard! 

And if you’re getting married in 2020/2021 then be sure to get in touch! I have selected dates remaining for this year and the diary is now open for 2021 ready to book in a whole new host of beautiful brides….and their horses too!