Wedding Hair for Emma at Howfield Manor

Wedding Hair for Emma at Howfield Manor

wedding hair for Emma at Howfield Manor

Bridal hair at Howfield Manor

2020 has been a strange year for brides, with lots of ups and downs, date changes, postponements and general anxiety and worry around what would ordinarily be one of the most exciting days of a girls life!

For some brides though, not even a worldwide pandemic was about to stop them marrying the love of their lives and having their dream wedding – and Emma was one of them!

Emma and David got married in August 2020 at Howfield Manor in Kent. It was a beautiful sunny day and the thought of going to an actual wedding , after a summer without hardly any, was very exciting for me!

Emma had the most beautiful blonde hair that sat around her shoulders. She had decided that she would like to wear a half up hairstyle for her wedding day with soft waves and some added detail.

Half up wedding hair has always been a popular choice. It’s classic and romantic, and having hair down and around the face can make a style look soft and natural. We created Emma’s waves using a 24mm tong and brushing them out once cooled to allow them to sit loosely around her shoulders. Her fringe, parted in the centre, framed her face and the little bit of height at the crown area gave her volume and the perfect base for her veil to be added.

I added two braids, swept around from the sides, and joined together at the back of the head. It’s so important when creating a bridal hair style to really think about the style from all angles. Often I’ll remind my brides that you’ll be getting pictures from all aspects so ensuring a style is well balanced and in proportion for an entire 360 view really is necessary – especially at an occasion such as a wedding day when you know there’s a photographer about!

Emma’s beautiful pictures were taken by Emma Midgen, a Kent based photographer. To see more of Emmas work head over to her website

How to get the perfect wedding hair

How to get the perfect wedding hair

How to get the perfect wedding hair

Ok so the seasons aren’t always kind… to our hair that is. And it’s not ideal if you’re on a journey to the perfect wedding hair. You want to ensure that your hair looks as good as possible on the wedding day whatever the weather so here’s a few things you can do yourself to keep your hair looking and feeling in top condition….

Don’t rub with a towel.

By jumping out the shower and frantically rubbing your soaking wet hair with a rough towels you’re actually stressing it out! Instead make sure you remove as much excess water as you can by wringing your hair gently before you get out of the shower or bath, then pat dry your hair before you apply any products.

Hair oils.

Perfect for all sorts of hair woes including dryness, frizz and even shine. By adding a hair oil you’re giving back some of the goodness that every day styling can take out from your hair. Whatever brand you use then follow the instructions and be sure to only use a small amount – a little goes a long way. Don’t apply to the root area but concentrate on the mid lengths and ends for the best results.

Hair mask.

Try and incorporate a hair make into your weekly beauty regime.Even just five minutes a week whilst you shave your legs can really make a difference. Dependant on your own hair type, use a mask that combats any problems you might be having. If your hair feels a little dry then a moisture mask can help give it a little dose of love and you’ll notice a difference almost immediately.

Blo dry down the hair shaft.

Basically, your hair will sit and look nicer if it’s been blo dried so the cuticle can lay flat. Simply put, rather than just blasting your hair in every direction try to apply the air to your hair in the direction you want it to fall. Start at the top of your head near the roots and blo dry section by section,  runningthe hairdryer from your roots,  down your hair to the ends.

Use a toothbrush or mascara wand for flyaways.

This is a little trick that will help you keep all those baby hairs and flyaways at bay. Spray some hairspray directly onto a new clean toothbrush or mascara wand and ‘brush’ your hair gently into place.

Be gentle when it’s wet!

When you hair is wet it’s in its most fragile state so if you’re not careful you can end up adding to any breakage. Don’t use a thin comb to rake through your knots when your hair is wet, instead use a wide tooth comb or a tangle teezer to ensure that you’re brushing gently, section by section.

Brush from the bottom.

So many people will insert their hairbrush to the top of the hair and pull down. By doing it this way you’re applying tension, not to mention coming to a quick halt if you encounter any knots. Instead, start from the bottom and work upwards. This was you’re ensuring that by the time you reach the top your brush will simply glide throughout the length of your hair from root to tip.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Not only will it be kind to your hair but it’s also said that it will help prevent wrinkles too. As if we need any more reason?!

Give it one more day.

So here it is, you’re excuse to press snooze just one more time and give yourself an extra ten minutes in bed! Instead of washing your hair as often as you do, try and give it that one more day where possible. The natural oils your hair produce help nourish both your hair and scalp so reach for the dry shampoo and style yourself a to knot for just one more day…Link to you tube tutorial

Keep on top of your trims – every 6 – 8 weeks.

I promise you us hairdressers don’t just tell you this so you can come back and pay is more, it honestly is in the best interests of your hair to get it cut every 6-8 weeks. And that rule applies even when you’re growing it. Regular trims will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and remove any dead or split ends that can hinder your hair growth.  Trust us!

Product wise, there’s a product for every hair type and its important you figure out what your own hair needs in order to make an informed decision about what to buy. One suggestion I can make is a professional treatment you might have heard of called Olaplex.  This treatment actually repairs hair bonds, ensuring that your hair is fixed from the inside.  It’s a step by step process that can be added to your usual colouring service to ensure minimal damage and stress to your hair, or even as a stand alone treatment to give your hair a little bit of extra love and attention. Ask your hairdresser who will be able to help youand give you more details, even provide you with some products such as shampoo and conditioner from the Olaplex range to use at home in order to keep your hair in the very best condition.

When it comes to your wedding hair, healthy hair is always a great place to start.  Whatever style you choose, hair that’s in good condition will be more manageable and look so much nicer than hair that’s  dry or damaged.  If you’d like some more details on how to get your hair ready for the big day then take a look at my wedding hair checklist. I’ve created this to provide you with an outline and give you my own suggestion about what you can do to achieve the most perfect wedding hair!

Hope this helps!