Wedding Hair for Emma at Howfield Manor

Wedding Hair for Emma at Howfield Manor

wedding hair for Emma at Howfield Manor

Bridal hair at Howfield Manor

2020 has been a strange year for brides, with lots of ups and downs, date changes, postponements and general anxiety and worry around what would ordinarily be one of the most exciting days of a girls life!

For some brides though, not even a worldwide pandemic was about to stop them marrying the love of their lives and having their dream wedding – and Emma was one of them!

Emma and David got married in August 2020 at Howfield Manor in Kent. It was a beautiful sunny day and the thought of going to an actual wedding , after a summer without hardly any, was very exciting for me!

Emma had the most beautiful blonde hair that sat around her shoulders. She had decided that she would like to wear a half up hairstyle for her wedding day with soft waves and some added detail.

Half up wedding hair has always been a popular choice. It’s classic and romantic, and having hair down and around the face can make a style look soft and natural. We created Emma’s waves using a 24mm tong and brushing them out once cooled to allow them to sit loosely around her shoulders. Her fringe, parted in the centre, framed her face and the little bit of height at the crown area gave her volume and the perfect base for her veil to be added.

I added two braids, swept around from the sides, and joined together at the back of the head. It’s so important when creating a bridal hair style to really think about the style from all angles. Often I’ll remind my brides that you’ll be getting pictures from all aspects so ensuring a style is well balanced and in proportion for an entire 360 view really is necessary – especially at an occasion such as a wedding day when you know there’s a photographer about!

Emma’s beautiful pictures were taken by Emma Midgen, a Kent based photographer. To see more of Emmas work head over to her website