Survival guides for blondes

Survival guides for blondes

Survival guides for blondes

So it’s official. We’re stuck in lockdown and this virus means social distancing is the new norm. Until we’re told otherwise that means no visiting family and friends, no shopping, and no hair appointment.

I know you hate your roots, and I know you’ve looked at those box dyes as you make your online shopping order wondering what harm it could do but please….don’t.
Blonde hair is a commitment. It’s like dating the best looking guy in the class – it’s high maintenance and hard work. Everyone wants it, you know it looks good and it makes you feel great! But at the same time you’ll doubt yourself every few weeks when you see that first bit of regrowth and wonder why you ever even started on this ash toned journey! It’s a turbulent ride of toners and shades , lighter, darker, more golden, less warm…. And it’s exhausting. It’s also a financial commitment. You know you’ll be back in that chair every 8 weeks without fail because you have to keep on top of it, you cant possibly go out on Friday night with your roots half way down your head, and when did your natural hair get so dark!? If all this sounds familiar then trust me you’re not alone. Being a blonde is no easy feat – even if they do have more fun. I know the situation isn’t ideal, and lockdown means that on a daily basis you’re trying to find the best light for your office zoom call, so that they cant actually see just how ‘bad’ your hair looks but trust me, no body cares. We’re all in the same predicament at the moment and it’s certainly not worth you cheating on your honey and caramel toned highlights and reaching for the box of brown chocolate home hair colour…

So even if you can’t get to the salon, there are a few things you can do to try and make the whole experience a little easier….on your hair at least.

What are you using to wash your hair?

Are you sure you’re using the right shampoo? Does it suit your hair type and texture? Does it help to maintain your salon colour? Or do you simply but whatever’s on offer in Tesco that week as you grab your shopping? It always surprises me how many people will be pay over £100 for a beautiful hair colour, only to go home and wash it with a £2.99 shampoo they picked up on the high street. There is a reason that stylists will recommend professional products and it’s not just because they want to sell you something more expensive than what you can find yourself, its because they know what your hair needs. They know that the products they recommend are the best way to protect and preserve that beautiful colour or cut they’ve just spent the last few hours tending to so lovingly. They want your hair to look as good as possible because you’re a walking advertisement of what they can do. Have you ever walked out the hairdressers feeling like a million dollars with your new do, only to go home and wash it a few days later and you simply cant recreate whatever magic it was they did in the salon!? Next time you see your stylist take a bit of time to ask questions about what products they think would suit your hair best. In the mean time have a read online about your hair type, colour and style. You might even want to invest in something a little more special. After all, and as they say, ‘’ Your hair is the crown you never take off’ . You might just be surprised at how much information and advice you can find…and what a difference it can make.

Leave in conditioner

If you have a home use leave in conditioner treatment then great. Make sure you use the product as directed and follow the instructions to give your hair a little bit of TLC. If you don’t then there are plenty of DIY recipes to enable you to make your own. Failing that, even just something as small as leaving your conditioner in for a few extra minutes can make a big difference to your hair. When conditioning you don’t need to apply product to the roots, it’s the mid lengths and ends of your hair that need that little bit extra so take a wide tooth comb into the shower and once you’ve applied your conditioning product give your hair a good brush through to ensure its evenly distributed throughout your hair. And turn down that hot tap, rinse your hair with warm, or even better – cool water.

Use Protection.

Before you apply any heat to your hair you should always use protection. This might be in the form of a leave in conditioner balm that you apply before blo drying, or a heat defence spray that you add each morning before you get the straighteners out. Either way it’s really important to use a product that’s going to maintain your hairs integrity. Especially, and even more so, when you’re blonde. Blonde can often be dry, fragile and more prone to damage and breakage. Turn down the heat setting on the hairdryer or the tongs and give your hair a breather.

Embrace an accessory

If you’re just hanging around the house then maybe a scarf or headband can help you disguise the natural colours coming through at your roots. Adding an accessory might help detract your mind from your regrowth and might even give you that encouragement you needed to try out a new style or look ( safe in the knowledge that whilst were in lockdown there’s no way anyone’s going to see it! )

Give your hair a holiday

A heat holiday that is. If you can manage it then why not cut out the heat altogether. Do you really need to ‘do’ your hair to ‘Netflix and chill’ today? Let it dry naturally, embrace your natural waves and wear it loose. Use a comb to brush the knots out when your hair is wet and save your hairbrush for when it’s dry. Soaking wet hair is in a more fragile state than dry hair and tugging at it wont do you any favours. Always brush your hair from the bottom up, don’t start at the top and hack your way down and then wonder why you’ve got a brush full of hair!

Lockdown won’t last forever- but neither will your beautiful blonde hair colour if you don’t look after it! Support your stylist by buying a voucher for as soon as they open up again, or even put your name on the waitlist to be one of the first people to grab an appointment. Everyone’s going through hard times at the moment, don’t make it even harder on your hair by attempting a ‘quick fix! ‘

Look forward to seeing you all again soon!