Wedding Hair and Make Up at Chilston Park

Wedding Hair and Make Up at Chilston Park

Wedding Hair and Make Up at Chilston Park

It’s a beautiful country house hotel in the Kent countryside and it’s so uniquely styled – filled with antiques, some all the way back from the 17th century and as old as the manor house itself.

It’s easy to see why brides would choose it for their wedding day, the inside is as beautiful as the outside and come rain or shine it’s the perfect backdrop for those wedding pictures….

My bride Carly is someone that I’ve known ever since I took my first ever job aged 14. I was delighted to be able to provide the hair and make up for herself and her wedding party on the morning of her big day, and it was such a lovely morning. Filled with laughter and happiness, Carly and her girls had a great time getting ready together in the Star room , overlooking the beautiful gardens and plenty big enough for the entire bridal party to relax and enjoy.

Carly had decided to go for a natural make up look, enhancing her eyes with a flawless skin finish. Her long dark hair was woven into a low chignon and accessorised with a diamante slide which added a beautiful contrast to her deep brown twists.

For Carlys base , after I had applied primer, I used iconic London highlighter drops. These drops really are little bits of magic as they enhance and radiate the perfect bridal glow and they’ve quickly become one of my firm kit favourites.  For foundation I used airbrush airbase make up. Its high definition formula means I can guarantee that my brides look photo ready all day long and it sits so beautifully on the skin , meaning I never have to worry about uneven coverage or blending lines.

For her hair I created a shine using Kenra 25, this pump action spray means I am able to not only hold, but smooth and finish – a really important factor when it comes to styling dark hair. I didn’t want the hair looking stiff or flat but I did want to ensure that the hold was there, without compromising on the texture. The added bonus of Kenra products are that brides are forever complimenting me on how good they smell – and they really do! They don’t have the usual, typical ‘old school hairspray’ odour which is good considering I reckon I inhale about a million litres of the stuff over a summer bridal season !  

Big thanks to TDH media for sending me these beautiful images of Carly.  These guys offer photo, video and even marry-oke packages so be sure to check them out. 

Over the last month I’ve had lost of organised brides booking in their wedding hair and make up for 2020 so if you’re a bride to be and think you might like to talk to me about working with you on your wedding morning then be sure to get in touch. I only work with one wedding per day so drop me a message and I’ll let you know if your date is still available…

Look forward to hearing from you

Katie x

Wedding Trial Tips

Wedding Trial Tips

Wedding Trials and Preview Sessions


Can you believe that it’s already March!? I am well underway with the bridal trials for all my 2017 summer brides now and it is so exciting to be meeting so many of you in preparation for your big day! I’m often asked what a preview session involves and what you can expect so I thought I’d put together some pointers for you. Although it is not a requirement for you to have a preview session it really does gives us a chance to work together and perfect your bridal style – plus it’s so exciting for you to see exactly what you’re actually going to look like!! If you have any questions then please do get in touch, you are more than welcome to drop me an email at but in the mean time, here are a few of my most commonly asked questions for you …


  • So what happens at the bridal preview session? The point of the preview session is for us to get some time to talk about what you want from your big day. We start with a consultation, you can tell me a little about the plans you have for the day, what you’re wearing, your theme and colour choices – and together we can develop an understanding as to what you want to look like and how we are going to make your look compliment all of these other factors. The session lasts around 90 minutes for hair or make up, and around 2 1/2 hours for both. We will create your look, based on the things we discuss, so you can actually see what you’re going to look like on the day itself!
  • Do I need to bring anything? A lot of brides come prepared with a Pintrest board so I can instantly see what ‘kind’ of wedding style you are working towards. If you don’t have Pintrest – fear not! You can show me some pictures of things you like – and especially things that you don’t! This is really important as it leads me to gain a much better understanding of what you expect and require from me. Oh, and if you have a veil or accessories then bring them along too!
  • Shall I wash my hair or take off my make up? Please come to your make up preview appointment make up free. This allows me to see your skin, your natural colouring etc and means that we can proceed straight into make up application. In regards to washing your hair , ‘day old’ hair is easier for me to style, really clean and soft hair can mean that I end up having to use a lot more product to manipulate it into the shape I want. Please do not curl or straighten your hair before your appointment, let it dry into it’s natural state if you can and then i can take it from there!
  • Can I only try one look? This is totally up to you. If you know exactly what you want then I will create this look first. If you are certain that it’s what you want upon seeing it in ‘real’ life then –  perfect! However, as we go along I might be able to make some suggestions or tweaks that you might appreciate, or as we create the style you may decide that actually it isn’t quite right for you. Either way I am more than happy to show you an alternative – you are welcome and encouraged to take lots of pictures so you don’t have to make any instant decisions either!
  • When can I have my preview session? I can be flexible in regards to timings when it comes to preview sessions. generally morning slots ( when available) fill fast. Most of my mornings are spent with brides on their wedding day so I tend to schedule preview sessions in the afternoon. I offer both evening and weekend availability so if you work or are restricted in any way then just let me know and we can work something out for you.
  • What if I change my mind? Not a problem. You can book as many preview sessions as you like! Each session is charged separately but there is no limit to the amount you can book! If you don’t feel that you need another session , you just want a few things slightly different on the day itself then that’s fine. Just make sure you let me know before hand so I can come with everything I need!


Like I said if you need anything else then please do just ask! Stay up to date with what I’m up to and get lots of bridal inspiration from my Instagram and Facebook pages too!


Love Katie x