‘What hair will suit my dress?’… Has to be probably the most asked question by any brides contacting me about their big day…

So, I’ve put together a few pointers to help you decide….

What type of dress have you gone for?

A preview session with me is an ideal time to show me pictures of your dress. Not only do I love to see what everyone has gone for but it also really helps when were putting together your hair and make up look. By seeing your dress I am able to see what ‘type’ of bride you are wanting to be. Anything and everything from a show stopping princess gown to a classic lace fitted fishtail…every one is different. Some people might wear the same style of dress and wear it in such a way that it’s a completely different look to the way someone else has done it. One important thing to take into consideration about your dress in regards to your hair is the neckline.

What type of neckline?

A high neckline might be better suited to a higher upstyle, giving the illusion of a longer neck and elegance, whilst a structured dress that falls away at the back might compliment long flowing curls and movement. I always ask my brides to come along to their preview session armed with photos of styles they have seen that they like. You don’t need to know why you like them, they don’t need to be of someone with similar colour hair to yours – as long as you are drawn to them because they resemble what being a ‘bride’ means to you then have them prepared!

What type of wedding are you having?

This question is really important. Do you really want all your hair down if you’re planning on being outside all day playing garden games? There is an element of practicality when it comes to some styles. If you know you’re going to be hitting the dance floor hard then we certainly need to be thinking about a solid structure thats not going anywhere despite the dancing!

What do you usually like/ dislike?

You’d be surprised at what conclusions we can come to from having a consultation session about your likes and dislikes! So many time I will hear that ‘ I don’t like my ears, i don’t like it pulled all off my face’ etc. Just because you’re a bride doesn’t mean you should feel like you have to look a certain way or choose a certain style. Much like your dress and every aspect of your wedding day – your ‘look ‘ is a reflection of you. 

What about make up too?

Your make up and hair should work together, they should compliment each other. If you’re going fo a glamorous 50’s style with a classic red lip, pink hair glitter and braid probably isn’t going to ‘fit’. At the preview session we can work together to create a mix of all your favourite bits but make sure that they all work together. Thats the great thing about being able to offer both hair and make up. Im in complete control of knowing what goes, what compliments, and what it takes to make you look good!

Even at a hair trial, If you have a favourite lipstick, bring that too – even a favourite photo of yourself on a night out where you think you look good- I want to see it all! I also ask brides to bring along any accessories that they have already purchased that they plan on wearing. Don’t worry if you don’t have any yet – its not essential, and some people like to decide on the style first and then work around that. Some brides even have something special, maybe some type of material or heirloom that they want to incorporate into their finished look and that’s fine too.  If you can imagine it, then we can create it!

Can I still have a veil?

Yes. Without question, regardless of style if you want to wear a veil then we can make it work. We might tweak a style slightly to incorporate it but you can certainly wear one if you want to – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 

If you’re in need of some inspiration then take a look through my gallery pages here . If you want to chat then get in touch – I love to talk ( in general really! ) but especially about all things ‘wedding!’

Speak soon


Katie x