The Wedding Industry Awards Regional Finalist

The Wedding Industry Awards Regional Finalist

I am beyond delighted to announce that I have once again made finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards for the South East of England in the Hair category.

Getting Through the Storm: A Commitment to Recognition

This year has gone by in such a blur that I almost can’t believe its October and awards season is back around yet again! This year I had promised myself that I would make the time to submit an entry for this particular awards and to also make the time to contact my brides to ask them to support me and vote for me. The Wedding Industry Awards is one of the only wedding supplier awards where it’s not just based on your images or your own submission, they actually rely on the words and scores from your real brides to ensure that everyone in the process is a real worthy winner.

I last entered a couple of years ago and was lucky enough to make it through as a regional finalist then also. That was the end of my journey for that year, but what made it totally worth it was being given access to all of the lovely things that my brides had said to get me that far!

The Wedding Industry Awards Regional Finalist

Obtaining the Advantages: Revealing Ratings and Emotions

After the nominations have closed and the regional events have taken place you’re provided with your scores and comment from every bride that submitted a vote for you. In my opinion that in itself was worth entering for alone!

Testimonials from the Heart: Treasure Brides’ Appreciation

It was so heart warming and so very appreciated to read all of the lovely things that my brides had said about me and what they had thought of working with me for their wedding day. For the brides I work with this is their one and only wedding day and it’s so important that they make the right choice in their wedding hair and makeup artist. For me, I appreciate just how special it is to be selected as that person and even after ten years of being in the wedding industry and providing wedding hair and makeup to literally hundreds of brides – I still never get complacent about that.

I love what I do.

I love it every time someone books with me for their wedding day hair and makeup, and being with someone and helping to transform them into their dream bridal vision on the morning is a feeling like no other! I can’t wait to read all of the lovely comments that have got me through to the regional finals again this year – win or lose I honestly believe I have the best job in the world as a bridal hair stylist and makeup artist, so thank you to every single one of you that makes that possible for me!

When should I colour my hair before my wedding?

When should I colour my hair before my wedding?

When should I colour my hair before my wedding?

A lot of brides worry about when to time their final hair appointment in order for their hair to look its very best on the big day. You don’t want to leave it long enough that you allow any regrowth, but you don’t want to have it done the night before just incase you’re left with any scalp staining  from your chosen colour – especially if it’s a dark one!( we’ve all been there!)

I advise my brides that the week before the wedding is the perfect time to have your colour re done as it allows you to ensure its exactly how you want it , and if for some reason its not then there is plenty of time to make any alterations. Not only this but also, it means that you’ve had the chance to wash it to ensure all the excess colour has left your hair and you’re not left with any colour staining – especially around your hair line area.

I’d always recommend you visit a professional to get your colour services, you certainly don’t want to be worrying about a patchy colour on your wedding day! A good colourist will be able to advise you as to what works well with your own skin tones and they will use professional products that suit your hair type to give you the long lasting colour that you’re after! Be sure to book it in though, I’ve heard horror stories about people having to go elsewhere when their favourite stylist is unavailable and that’s a pre wedding stress you most certainly don’t need !

Changing Your Hair Colour Before The Wedding Day

Some brides ask me about changing their hair colour in a drastic way before the wedding day, for example going from blonde to brown or even vice versa! The important thing to remember is that the same style can look totally different when it’s on different colour hair. You might decide that it doesn’t show off the detail in the same way or that your chosen accessory doesn’t stand out in the same way when your hair is a different colour. Maybe you’ve been the same colour for years and fancy a change? My advice would be to make any colour changes in plenty of time before the wedding, and by this I mean months not weeks!  Even the slightest change to colour and tone can make the biggest difference to your look. Drastic colour changes may even require you to change your entire make up collection too so its something that you need to give some serious thought to. Although you might like the idea of the ‘shock factor’ as you walk down the aisle with a completely different hair colour than your partner saw you with three days ago, not only will it take them some time to get used to – but you too! As much as you think you might like it, and as much as it looks good on someone else , is the week before your wedding really the time you want to risk it!?

Kent Wedding Awards Finalist 2020

Kent Wedding Awards Finalist 2020

I am so delighted to be able to announce that yesterday I found out that I had made finalist for the Kent wedding Awards 2020!


For those of you that follow me, this is the award that I won back in 2016. Ive made finalist 5 times now and it’s a great honour to be recognised for what I do!  The little pink heart has become a well known feature for any brides and grooms planning their wedding. Many couples know and trust the suppliers who carry this logo so I’m proud to be able to display it again for 2020.


It’s important for me as a self employed stylist that I make sure that I’m doing everything I can , to be as good as I possibly can be for the brides that choose me. Entering the awards is my way of ‘putting myself out there’. I take great pride in what I do and the business I have created and I’m so grateful for recognition of that.


Awards are great but there really is no better feeling than a bride messaging me after her wedding to say thankyou or send photos. It’s such an important job – being there on the morning of someones wedding day, and it’s such a privilege to have them trust you to create the look that will last them forever in their photographs. 


So thankyou to all of the brides that have chosen me and of course to all of the brides that have booked me for their 2020/2021 wedding dates. I can’t wait to be a part of your big day…. I really do have the best job in the world! 



Katie x 




 ( As I write this post I’ve stumbled across the post I wrote back in 2016 after winning the Bridal Hair title… I’ve put it below so you can have a read! Sometimes you simply have to take a moment and appreciate how far you have come! ) 








”It’s no secret that I love my job, I love what I do, I love that it fits around my life and my family and I love that a day at work – doesn’t even seem like a day at work! Four years ago when I was sat in my dead end job, clock watching, wishing my days away – the life I have now seemed like a million miles away. I didn’t even know it could exist. I had trained as a hairdresser years after leaving school. It wasn’t until I returned from three seasons in the sunshine that I finally enrolled myself in college and decided to go for it. I had always wanted to be a hairdresser, I loved playing with hair and I loved art so two years and two NVQ’s later – when someone first asked me if I offered bridal hair services I answered yes immediately. It was one of those moments where I thought ‘yeah , that sounds like a good idea, I could do that couldn’t i?! ’ and the rest as they say … is history!” 












Bridal Hair and Make Up at Port Lympne, Kent

Bridal Hair and Make Up at Port Lympne, Kent

Thursday Throwback – Christina’s gorgeous wedding day took place at the beautiful Port Lympne Mansion House   in Kent .

The venue itself is breathtaking, from the murals on the walls to the stunning acres of park that surrounds the hotel.  It’s certainly not every venue that can offer your guests the chance to spend their drinks reception on safari! 

Christina went for a stunning glam look. Her long hair was waved and set so she could wear it with a side accessory. One of my favourite products when creating waves is Bedhead shine spray. It’s really important to make sure that a brides hair looks amazing from any and every angle and this product gives everything you need in terms of gloss and shine – perfect for photos!


With her hair so ‘hollywood’ we needed to ensure that Christina’s make up complimented such elegance and it was so important that we really concentrated on giving her the perfect skin finish. I achieved her flalwless complexion using airbase, airbrush make up. A firm fave with my brides, this high definition make up product ensures that her look stayed put, and stayed perfect all day long. For her eyes I really wanted to enhance and play upon her natural features so using lashes and sculpting her eye shape (with a little added highlight!) I was able to give her the perfect wide eyed glamorous look.

Christinas photographer, Tony Gameiro captured some fabulous images from various points around the hotel. The photo opportunities at this venue are simply endless! From the Aspinal Suite with its decorative walls to the Moroccan Garden – Check out his blog to see even more from Christinas big day…

If you’d like to chat with me about your own wedding day hair and make up then be sure to get in touch, dates for 2020 are filling up – especially if you’re looking at a summer wedding!

Happy planning! 


Katie x