10 top tips for your preview session

10 top tips for your preview session

10 top tips for your preview session

So you’ve booked your wedding hair and make up artist…

… Exciting stuff! For some brides to be the preview session is the first time they’ve ever personally met the person that will be making them beautiful on their big day.  It’s really important that you’re fully prepared so I’ve put together my ten top tips in order for you to really get the very best out of your preview session.

1. Book your appointment.

Perhaps the most simple, yet the most important. Some brides leave it right until the last minute and struggle to fit in their session. If you have a specific date in mind then get it booked in – even if it’s a way in advance, it’s worth securing your slot so you’re not left disappointed.

2. Be prepared.

Make sure your hair is clean (preferably washed the night before) and your face is make up free ( or at least be prepared to remove your make upon arrival).

3. Arrive on time.

As simple as it sounds if you’re rushing in flustered and late then you’re not going to be in full ‘wedding’ mode! Lots of brides get nervous for this session and you might find yourself worrying things like ‘will she be able to do what I want? Will I look as good as I want to?  Will the style I want even suit me?‘ Try to relax, together and by the end of the session, we will have rid you of all of those worries I promise!

4. Bring ideas.

If you need a bit of help with this then have a read of my‘Preparing for your Preview session’ guide on the galleries page. It’s full of lots of questions that you might want to get thinking about in preparation for our session.

5. Show me pictures.

It’s so much easier for us to understand one another if we’re able to look at something visual. You might describe to me a ‘smoky eye’ but I can guarantee you that my idea of what that is, and yours, will be different. This leaves much less room for error if I can see what you’re describing.

6. Think about your dress.

If you’ve chosen your dress because you absolutely love the intricate detail around the neck, do you really want a hairstyle that’s going to cover it?

7. Tell me what you don’t like.

As well as wanting to know what you do like, I want to know what you don’t. this helps me be aware of anything that you might not have mentioned before. Maybe you don’t like your hair to be pulled too tightly around your face, or you don’t like your ears on show.

8. Be open to try something new .

Throughout the session, I might make suggestions based on my own experience and knowledge. I might suggest we use a specific colour to ‘open’ your eyes and make them stand out, or a certain lip tone to compliment your skin. We need to find a balance between looking like you, but looking like the very best version that we can possibly create. If you feel confident then you’ll feel good, and if you feel good – you’ll look good.

9. Take pictures.

You not only need to look amazing when people see you in the flesh, but you also want your look to photograph perfectly. Chances are you’ve spent money on a professional photographer so you want to be sure that your ‘look’ is just as good on camera as it is in person.

10. Bring a friend.

Whether its mum or a bridesmaid – whoever. Anyone who knows you and what you like to look like will be able to give you an open and honest opinion on what they think of the look we create. Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming for you to see yourself in a way you never have before so having someone on hand to give a second opinion is always a good idea.

And one more for luck….

11. Be honest

If you don’t like something then say. Please don’t lie, and please don’t think I’ll be offended. I’d be more upset if you went for something that didn’t make you feel comfortable and then looked back on the photos of your day wishing that you hadn’t.  Of course, I won’t let you look anything less than absolutely beautiful but if there’s something that just doesn’t make you feel 100% just say and we can change it.

Preview sessions can get booked up months in advance and whilst I will always do my best to fit you in at a convenient time the earlier you book the more chance there is for you to get the date you want! I general suggest somewhere between 4-8 weeks before the day itself, and if you can make that work with a night out or event then even better!

Make Up Masterclass!

Make Up Masterclass!

A three hour masterclass to enable you to get some hands on make up experience, hints, tips and tricks!


So many of my brides and clients always ask me for tips on how to get the same make up look that we create when they’re back at home.   Lots of them tell me that they just can’t seem to get the same finish, or get their products to work in quite the same way once I’m not there! Over the years and thanks to training, learning, and lots and lots of experimenting I’ve been able to pick up a fair few hints, tips and tricks that i’m looking forward to sharing with you all at my half day masterclass coming up next month. It’s suitable for the complete beginner so everyone is welcome and you’re guaranteed to learn something that you can put to good use with your own make up bag at home. Whether the words ‘liquid eyeliner’ fill you with dread or you just can’t seem to get rid of those under eye bags –  then make sure you get booked in and come along. The session is located in Maidstone, Kent and it’s a great opportunity to spend a few hours with like minded people immersed in all things make up. If you’d like further details then check out my Facebook page or drop me a message and I’ll send you some info about how to secure your place!



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